MOTLEY CRUE Celebrate 40th Anniversary


Better Noise Music are honoured to announce the 40th Anniversary of the legendary Mötley Crüe.


In November 1981, rock ‘n’ roll legends Mötley Crüe stormed into the cultural zeitgeist with the release of their debut album Too Fast for Love, setting the stage for what would become one of the most iconic careers ever in music.


This year, the band is celebrating their 40th Anniversary with a special series of music re-releases and fan activations, revisiting their globally acclaimed catalogue.

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Full Album Stream: Xasthur/Casket of Dreams “The Hallucination Tunnels”

When you think of Xasthur in 2021, what do you envision? Images of a spectre haunting a dilapidated house? Someone looking like they’re dressed to rob a train? The One-Man Metal doc? While all of these would be accurate at certain times in the past, this is yet another proliferation of Xasthur, this time performing “funeral synth,” another offshoot of dungeon synth. On paper this sounds like it could either be fascinating or, like so much of the multitude of dungeon synth-adjacent acts (including the 14 or 15 that sprouted up while I typed that initial few sentences) a completely unnecessary bore. Which one is it?

I’d like to think I have better things to do with my time than write about boring music, but then again that’s why comments sections exist-to tell me how fucking wrong I am.

But this isn’t just about Xasthur’s innate ability to shift shapes, it also tells a story of another project, a pioneer in American black metal (for reference I’m talking about Ritual and I highly recommend their second record, Demonic Winter Metal) and dungeon synth who made his return under the Casket of Dreams moniker last year after over 20 years since his Dragons of Autumn Twilight release on Wild Rags. These two artists have a long, intertwined history so the idea of a collaboration like this feels natural even if the genre seems unlikely at first glance until you realize Xasthur records have, from the beginning, contained this very style of synth work.

If I had to pin down a single descriptive term for this record it would have to be “authentic.” Whereas you’ll come across a billion instrumental records with “horror” in the byline The Hallucination Tunnels actually conjures up a true ghastly experience that very few (if any) projects are able to accomplish. It genuinely feels like a collaboration of both minds and their inventive styles rather than two guys in a room doing whatever they want without a proper discussion on where they want to go. It’s easy to approach a record like this with mixed (if not low) expectations but if you’re a fan of either gentleman’s work or dungeon — sorry, funeral — synth in general then I assure you this will be one of your favorite releases this year.

The Hallucination Tunnels and its horrors are spread via Appalachian Noise Records (CD & LP) May 14 and soon after through Ancient Meadow on cassette (while you’re there I recommend the Mortwight/Moorgrave split they just released).

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Track Premiere: Gallows – “Come and See”

Lord Elzevir and Mouth of Greed, the two creative lords behind Gallows, aren’t messing around. The Salem-based black metal unit plays, pure, raw, straightforward second-wave black metal. And you know what that means: cold, snarling guitars; wretched, soul-piercing vocals; and backbreaking rhythms. Sure, there’s lots of bands like this swirling around the underground nowadays, but who cares? If you do something as well as these guys play the true northern darkness, there’s no need to break new ground for its own sake. The guitar tones are perfect, and the band weaves in just the right amount of melody into the riffs to make it interesting.

Here’s how the band describes their sound, along with the new track, “Come and See:”

“We play traditional black metal — full stop. As old-school fans of the genre, we were fed up with the modern sound and decided to dig back down to the roots. We wrote 66 Black Wings under the shroud of the pandemic, fueled by blasphemy and booze. The name, Gallows, is inspired by the location in which the songs were conceived and recorded: Gallows Hill, Salem, where innocents were once executed by Protestant fanatics. But our lyrics and themes are broader than just the tragedy of the witch murders, as depraved and quintessentially American as they were. We celebrate the Devil across all manner of texts and times, from the Ars Goetia to Venom. “Come and See” is our hymn to the end of worlds.”

Check out “Come and See” below and keep an ear out for the band’s album, 66 Black Wings, out on June 18. Check out the band’s Bandcamp page for pre-order and merch information.

66 Black Wings by Gallows

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Amenra Grace the Cover of the July Issue of Decibel

Hot off of the announcement of their latest album and first with Relapse Records De Doorn, Belgian post-doom collective Amenra have a long-overlooked story to tell. Thankfully, Decibel magazine is here to shed light on the history of this dark and brooding quintet. Get the inside info on their new record, their artistic process as well as interviews with the band as well as their high-profile admirers in the metal community. To sweeten the deal, up-and-coming death metal stars Fuming Mouth are the latest band to contribute an exclusive song to the illustrious Decibel Flexi Series, which comes packed with each copy of Issue No. 201.

Speaking of exclusive vinyl, we’re almost sold out of our exclusive De Doorn color LP only available in the Decibel webstore. Featuring two grey LPs in a metallic gold ink printed gatefold jacket, this latest pre-order is as beautiful as it is exclusive. With only 18 of these remaining, your chance to get your hands on a copy is fading fast. Grab yours along with our latest issue right now or risk the sting of regret!

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Video Premiere: Eastern High – “Emperor”

Have you ever ached for a band that took the progressive and thoughtful sound of Porcupine Tree and Draconian Times-era Paradise Lost, but blended it with the heft and drive of metalcore and modern Swedish metal? Your search ends today. Decibel is happy to present the new video from Eastern High, a five-piece act from Malmö, Sweden. The band self-produced and released their debut albumGarden of Heathens back in 2017, and are set to unleash their second album, Halo on July 30.

According to the band:

“Since the debut album was released back in 2017, our main focus was to make this two-man project a five-man band, which we achieved in 2019. After the recording sessions last summer, we sent the tracks to Erik at Tone Tension Productions for mixing. In the meantime, we filmed the music videos for “Emperor” and “Morning Star,” which was an adventure of cold wind, rain, and some horrific drama when we lost one of our drones, having vanished into the sea with tons of good film material. Not a happy moment after days of work. In the end, everything turned out great and we are now very excited to release this album. With dark themes and a mysterious melodic sound, HALO continues where our debut album Garden Of Heathens left off. It’s an album with both a heavy and light feel to it.”

And in the end, the song itself delivers with memorable melodies, colorful riff-work and all the double-bass you could ask for.

Check it out below:

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Review: OUR LAST ENEMY ‘Decline Atrophy’


It’s been a long time between releases (that what she said) for Sydney metal masters Our Last Enemy.


2014’s Pariah sounds dated compared to the latest instalment of terror from these purveyors of pitiless pentatonic demolishers, Decline Atrophy.


With able stickman John Sankey (Fear Factory, Divine Heresy, Devil You Know) in the drum seat, prepare to have your balls broken to the point of infertility as you’re treated to a masterclass in savage, remorseless supremacy that will leave you wanting, nay, needing, nay demanding more.

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This week’s Australian Artist DigiMag is further proof – if any was needed – that music in this country is great and only getting better!


Acolyte feature on the cover, talking about their latest masterpiece Entropy, with Grinding Eyes, Carmeria and Nothing Sacred also giving us the inside information on their new releases.

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Brisbane’s Days Like These have released three epic singles in the lead up to the Wide Awake EP, “Gravity”, “High & Glow” and “Honey”, each showcasing the bands new unstoppable sound.


Today brings the release of the highly anticipated Wide Awake EP, also revealing a brand new video for “Disassociate” and new support shows with Polaris.

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“Dehumanise” is the third single to be released from the forthcoming album Eye to Eye from New Zealand’s Lords of Loud, The Datsuns.


Released digitally and on limited edition 7″ single, the set-to-stun dystopian riff rocker is accompanied by the dramatic non-LP B-side “Negative Swing”.


Emotions railing against the system. A homogenous future, devoid of the very thing that makes man, man.

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Following on from the warmly-received release of “Sorry” Sydney-based punk rock group Clay J Gladstone return with their enthralling new single “Balance”, the first cut from their upcoming debut EP titled Dead Friends.


Featuring infectious guitars, imposing drums, and a spirited melody delivered by frontman Clay J, the track flirts with intensity before launching a full-sized thunderous chorus complete with colossal instrumentation and gritty vocals.

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