Track Premiere: Succumb – ‘Okeanos’

It’s been a long wait—four years, to be exact—for new music from Succumb but new single “Okeanos,” the first from new album XXI, is proof that good things come to those who wait.

One thing is immediately clear: XXI shows a meaner, more in-your-face version of Succumb than was present on their self-titled debut from 2017. “Okeanos”—named after the Greek god of the river River Oceanus—features fast, twisting riffs and pounding drums that contain far more intensity but Succumb’s secret weapon is vocalist Cheri Musrasrik.

Inspired lyrically by poets and novelists of the past, Musrasrik’s vocal delivery is more of a howl than a roar; with a more front-and-center place in the mix, the vocalist lends the band a more unique and haunting sound.

XXI is out September 24 on The Flenser but “Okeanos” is streaming now.

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Video Premiere: Montezuma’s Revenge – ‘Soyux-111 (Terrore Su Venere)’

Probably due in large part to their home base of Moscow, stoner metal quartet Montezuma’s Revenge have stayed largely under the radar throughout their 15 years of existence. Their recently-released third album, S.W.I.M., is a high-quality collection of fuzzed-out, meandering sludge songs that would be at home on a playlist between Sleep, Mastodon and even Alice in Chains. Today, Montezuma’s Revenge share the video for album opener “Soyux-111 (Terrore Su Venere).”

The song shares a title with a 1960 German-Polish sci-fi movie based on a novel called The Dead Planet, with the video being spliced together from various Soviet film archives from the ’50s and 70s. It’s an interesting video to go alongside the instrumental stoner track and a refreshing change of pace from the expected stoner/sludge video tropes using psychedelia and clips from live shows.

Check out the video for “Soyuk-111” below and head over to the Montezuma’s Revenge Bandcamp to hear the rest of the album, out now on DTH Records.

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Video Premiere: Inferi – ‘Mesmeric Horror’

In the Harry Potter universe, inferi are corpses reanimated by dark magic. In our world, Inferi are Nashville tech-death mainstays gearing up to release their sixth album, Vile Genesis, this fall. Though the full platter won’t drop until September, Decibel has an exclusive stream of the new video for track number six, “Mesmeric Horror.”

The new song highlights the band members’ collective ear for technical melodic death metal; guitarists Mike Low and Malcolm Pugh balance out the guitar virtuosity with accessible riffs, while vocalist Stevie Boiser barks out lyrics in his sharp scream.

Vile Genesis is out September 10 on The Artisan Era. Watch the video for “Mesmeric Horror” below.


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Full Album Stream: Craven Idol – “Forked Tongues”

Forked Tongues, the latest and third album from black/death worshippers Craven Idol, comes roaring in with all the energy of the vikings that inspired bands like Bathory. I’s those bands like Bathory, Master’s Hammer, Mercyful Fate and Sodom that inspire Craven Idol’s old-school-styled black/thrash.

Conceptually, Forked Tongues is a sequel devised by the band to the Greek myth which saw the titan Typhon lose in battle to Zeus, which ended with the titan’s eternal imprisonment underneath Mount Aetna. Forked Tongues tells the story of Typhon’s escape and return to challenge Zeus again—this time, though, the gods have been weakened over millennia of excess.

The intensity of the music matches a story about Greek gods and titans. Not only is every player each member of Craven Idol extremely talented, they each play with a notable fervor and intensity. Forked Tongues has an in-your-face quality and attitude that many bands struggle to achieve off of the stage.

Forked Tongues marks the 15th anniversary of Craven Idol, and is an accumulation of everything that came before it,” guitarist and vocalist Sadistik Wrath says. “That said, I believe we have taken things up a notch or two.

“With a steady lineup for the past seven years, we have worked to truly perfect our craft in the name of old school extreme metal. We started writing for the record right after completing The Shackles Of Mammon, never losing momentum. A European tour with Mystifier followed, during which we wrought a powerful live sound… one that we later took to Vagrant Studios and applied to Forked Tongues.

“The cover artwork by Eliran Kantor displays a vista of the world in chaos, as Typhon—the father of all monsters—challenges Zeus to battle for universal supremacy. The album acts as a part II to the ancient Greek myth, telling the tale of Typhon’s terrible return.”

Forked Tongues is out on July 23 via Dark Descent.

Forked Tongues by Craven Idol

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Track Premiere: Sargas – ‘Home’

Sargas take a multi-genre approach to their songs. The soft piano and sung vocals that open the band’s new single “Home” are deceptive—around the two-minute mark, the Iranian quintet turn on their amps and launch into a melodic death/doom track.

Over its eight-minute runtime, Sargas tackle a variety of sounds. When the piano fades to guitar, the band begin by playing a cross between black and melodic death metal, guiding it gracefully into somber death/doom. Vocalist Saleh Rezaei’s mournful, reverberating growls match the gloomy tone of the music before the band picks up speed again and ends on a faster, melodic note, due in part to a solo from lead guitarist Arsalan Soltani.

“Home is our response to some recent personal losses some of our members suffered, and centers around the concept of death ending a person’s suffering,” Sargas tell Decibel. “Lyrically, we tried to highlight the tranquility and peace that comes after death and that it ends all of our suffering in life. The more the suffering, the more the tranquility after dying, up to the point where death becomes an eternal ‘Home’ for us. ‘Home’ was written before, during and after the passing of two of the members’ loved ones and is meant as a way to honor their memory as well as channel that grief and hopefully help anyone who is dealing with similar loss. Fans should expect a plethora of heavier songs as we are currently in the mixing process of our upcoming debut album and will be releasing singles from the album soon.”

Iranian label Tough Records will release the band’s debut album at a later date. For now, listen to “Home” below.

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Track Premiere: Replicant – ‘Excess Womb’

New Jersey death metal trio Replicant are fiercer and dirtier than ever on Malignant Reality, the band’s second full-length and fifth release since 2018. As the band’s latest single, “Excess Womb,” indicates, Malignant Reality sees the band further settle into their technical, dissonant brand of death without sacrificing the grooves and mosh parts that also existed in their sound.

The song starts off with a groove and dissonant melodies before picking up into a flurry of blast beats and off-kilter riffing. Replicant return to the song’s mean core intermittently, never drifting too far into avant-garde space. There are obvious shades of Gorguts, Demilich and Burnt by the Sun on “Excess Womb,” but Replicant are more than the sum of their parts, turning out a sound that is both familiar and foreign.

“‘Excess Womb’ is about the discomfort of living within your own body and the repulsive idea of being sentient, encased within a grotesque rotting skin sack full of bacteria susceptible to disease,” Replicant tell Decibel. “Being the result of millions of centuries of random biological processes and the grief that we know no better state.”

Malignant Reality is out on September 10 via Transcending Obscurity, but Decibel is streaming “Excess Womb” below.


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Video Premiere: Utopia – ‘It’s Not the End’

This one’s a doozy. Guitarist John Bailey—who normally serves as a touring guitarist for the likes of Aled Jones and Russell Watson—teamed up with Corrupt Moral Altar vocalist Chris Reese and a ridiculous list of guest musicians to create tech-metal insaniacs Utopia. Their first album, Stalker, features members of Fawn Limbs and Psyopus, Leprous, Tangaroa and more.

While Stalker isn’t set for release until next month, Decibel teamed up to premiere the official video for “It’s Not the End,” a cut from the album that features drummer Lee Fisher (Psyopus/Fawn Limbs) and bassist Arran MacSporran (De Profundis). It’s the musical equivalent to a manic episode, bouncing from calm to spastic, off-the-wall energy on a second’s notice. The most impressive thing about “It’s Not the End” is that everything is always in its right place; the listener gets the feeling that things could go off the rails without warning if the musicianship weren’t the high caliber it is.

“The lyrics and idea for ‘It’s Not The End’ are based on a principle by Friedrich Nietzsche about a type of renaissance or rebirth of the selfm” Bailey tells Decibel.

“‘foghorn blasts / battering stinging /coming in and out with the freezing fog’

“This represents the beginning of a journey through the self. Harsh personal criticisms and rethinking your own viewpoints.

“‘a vision on the horizon / The howling light breaks the dank’

“This imagery represents the emerging vision of a new value system based on your own re-evaluation of your opinions and morality.

“‘black room prayers unanswered / muttered in clumsy apeish hope’

“This is a shot at religion. The belief in a God who judges you for your wrong doing is not an appropriate reason for doing right. Rightness and wrongness should come from within not from fear of an unpleasant afterlife.

“‘back break, toil, real prayers / real results / hallucinate’

“Through pain and suffering comes a system of values and resilience that is strong and born through self-sacrifice.

“The video shows different textures of natural, earthy tones. Natural earthy, real world colours and textures. The woman wiping off the various clays and mud shows ‘changing’ or metamorphosis. It’s a physical change in the video but it represents a ‘spiritual’ or moral changing.”

Stalker is out August 27 on APF Records.

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Video Premiere: Aduanten – ‘The Corpses of Summer’

Dark death metal collective Aduanten—a nebulous entity based around brothers Eoghan and Ciaran McCloskey (Vex), plus Vex guitarist Mike Day—assembled a remarkable lineup for their first EP, Sullen Cadence. Welcoming co-vocalists Tanner Anderson (Obsequiae) and Damian Herring (Horrendous), plus synth/percussionist Adrian Benavides and bassist Joel Miller, Aduanten created a dark and textured take on experimental death metal.

The EP is out now and can be heard here, but Decibel has partnered with the band to unveil a new visualizer for third track “The Corpses of Summer.” The visuals used, as the band explain below, add to the darker side of the music.

“We are pleased to present the video for ‘Corpses of Summer,’ created by our graphic designer / synth player / additional percussionist / assistant engineer / jack of all trades Adrian Benavides,” Aduanten tell Decibel.

“The video utilizes morbid imagery and recontextualized horror movie archetypes to paint a bleak picture of the human toil that results from catastrophic disasters, both natural and human-made. The goal of this visual treatment is to advance the doomy, foreboding vibe of the song and the lyrical references to traumatic historical events such as the 1900 Galveston hurricane and the 1998 Omagh bombing in Northern Ireland.

“Lastly, as a point of clarification, the lyrics to this song were written in 2017-2018, and are in no way intended to reference or make light of the recent death toll due to the historic heat wave hitting the northwest of North America.”

Listen to “The Corpses of Summer” below. Sullen Cadences is out now.

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Video Premiere: Fermentor – ‘7th Circle’

With the old-school death metal resurgence becoming progressively more saturated every week, a band has to do more to break free from the pack. For San Diego’s Fermentor (featuring members of San Diego thrashers Beekeper), standing out is easy: Dylan Marks plays the drums and Adam Wollach plays guitar. The duo keep things strictly instrumental, letting the riffs do the talking.

They’ve been active since 2008, but their first full-length, Continuance, came out earlier this month. Those unfamiliar can dive into the video for “7th Circle,” which showcases the band’s penchant for writing unique songs alongside their lighthearted sense of humor as the duo chase a probably-magical orb (and each other) around a variety of outdoor locations.

You can view the video below and purchase the album through Metal Assault Records.


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