Video Premiere: Mastiff – “Endless”

If you’re in the mood for a good crushing, the latest album from Mastiff should help you get that out of your system. The band is a five-piece outfit from Hull, UK, and comes loaded with devotion to sludge, black metal, and all the varieties of ‘core styles from the 2000s. It’s a rousing blend of savage power that’s ready for the mosh pit as it is for your next clandestine ritual in the woods. The band’s new song, “Endless,” is one of the more immediately blackened songs on the record, but still brings in the hardcore energy. It’s a blend that’s reminiscent of bands like All Pigs Must Die, but with a more overt influence of bands like Converge, and if you listen closely, some Botch, Cave In and Coalesce sneaks in there as well.

Indeed, here’s how the band describes the song:

“Endless” is one of the earlier songs we wrote for the new record, and feels in a way like a microcosm of the whole album, in that it’s all over the place sonically, yet somehow hangs together coherently! It goes from this shockingly anthemic — if not quite melodic — blackened opening, through a sinister chuggy bridge, and then ends in a chaotic, 90’s-Converge-breakdown. Lyrically it’s a bit of a meditation on the helplessness that comes when a human being becomes an emotional bargaining chip in a broken-down relationship. Typical jolly Mastiff fare, really.

As for the video, the band is “so disgustingly happy with how the video turned out too.” They go on to say that “Our old mate and Hull native Stew Baxter helped us put together a grimy, raw promo that feels in part a direct homage to some of the early-00’s Metalcore videos that inspired us so much back in the day, and part like a CCTV feed catching a crime against music on tape.”

The band’s excellent new album, Leave Me The Ashes of the Earth comes out on September 10 via eOne.

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Video Premiere: Wormwitch – “Abracadabra”

Decibel is pleased to issue the latest declaration from Canada’s rock-infused black metal warriors Wormwitch, who stand ready to unleash their latest album on July 30 via Prosthetic Records. Additionally, we are stoked to premiere the band’s new video for the song “Abracadabra” below. The album, called Wolf Hex, will be the band’s third full-length album, and will further the band’s “anti-authority, anti-state, and anti-religion” orientation.

According to the band:

“We’re excited to finally unleash “Abracadabra,” the first single from our upcoming record. As the title implies, this song is about creating as you speak; manifesting reality as you traverse the challenges of life. This is one of the first songs we wrote for the new album an unanimous favorite.”

Check out the song below- it rips and much as it rocks! Enjoy! You can pre-order Wolf Hex over here.

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Full Album Stream: Orphan Donor – “Unraveled”

Get ready for a journey into the extremes of the unconscious, the swirling madness of anger, hatred and desperation. Orphan Donor (what a name!) is here with its new album, Unraveled, filled to the grim with furious bile reminiscent of 2000s screamo and metalcore, but with a touch of chaos that retains a connection to grind and mathcore. The band is primarily the project of Jared Stimpfl of Secret Cutter, but the new album also features the vocal talents of Chris Pandolfo from Clouds Collide.

It’s noisy, angular, crushing stuff. Brings me back in all the right ways.

According to Jared:

“This project has always been a release for me. A purge of the slow accumulations of negative emotions of unmanaged energy that can build up over time. This time I dug deep past the constant traps of the patterns and loops I find myself in, to the source of a lot of pain and suffering: the loss of my father, and the subsequent psychosis from a decade of repressed feelings and growth. This was a last-ditch effort to dig through the mechanisms in my brain that have always cut this groove into my life which creates these spillovers, and the projections from deep seeded anger and sadness into my very wonderful and gratifying existence. This was the first time I’ve felt that the process of writing was actually healing, instead of just a way to deal. Unraveled is an authentic expression and account of some of the hardest and scariest times in my life that have shaped me to be the person that I am today.”

Unraveled will be released on June 11 via Zegema Beach Records; you can check out digital preorder information here.

Unraveled by ORPHAN DONOR

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Five For Friday: June 4, 2021

Greetings, Decibel readers!

Ready for the weekend? Here’s some blackened thrash, death metal, death metal, more death metal, and Perturbator. There, you’re soundtrack is all set.


Desaster- Churches Without Saints

Pure blackened thrash force and power! Like their peers in Aura Noir and Nifelheim, Desaster are for those who want to thrash, but want to keep it evil. For decades, the band have been masters at honing a sharp, fist-pumping riff attack, while integrating that special northern darkness to give it a dose of atmosphere.

Stream: Apple Music

Churches Without Saints by Desaster

Ghastly- Mercurial Passages

This is what weird, progressive death metal should sound like. Ghastly are very much their own beast in that they’re unafraid to throw strange noises at the listener and go where other bands fear to tread, BUT they keep it raw, dark and brutal at the same time. They achieve what few acts can, being both innovative and memorable. To be honest, the stripped down production might be the skeleton key here. It would be hard to hide bad writing in such a naked light.

Stream: Apple Music

Mercurial Passages by Ghastly

Inhuman Condition- Rat°God

As our editorial overload said recently, “Kam Lee might have won the battle for the Massacre name, but Terry Butler is likely to win the war of band quality with Inhuman Condition, the new old-school new death/thrash act very much in the vein of classic (i.e. pre-Promise era) Massacre.” For fans of, well, Massacre, and of straightforward death metal in general, this should be at the top of your list for the weekend.

Rat°God by Inhuman Condition

Necronemesis- Some Things Should Stay Underground

Fun, brutal stuff. This kind of unrelenting death metal is at it’s best with solid, enthusiastic composers at the helm. Necronemesis deliver on all counts: crushing guitar tone, high and low ripping vocals, and drums that pummel you all the way to hell. I also like the double meaning behind the title, representing both whatever monstrous force inspired the album, and the style of music itself.

Some Things Should Stay Underground by Necronemesis

Perturbator- Lustful Sacraments

The brightest star in all of synthwave (yes he is, shut up), flares up and goes supernova- transforming into something new altogether. This time, Mr. James Kent has directed his energies toward death rock and post-punk. This gives Perturbator a fresh start, while still mining the all-important decade of the 1980s for those precious rare earth minerals of sound. The vibe is different, but the synths remain the same. Thank goodness.

Stream: Apple Music

Lustful Sacraments by PERTURBATOR

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Full Album Stream: Stormruler – “Under the Burning Eclipse”

Stormruler is ready to drop one of the best black metal albums of the year.

Arriving tomorrow via Napalm Records, Under the Burning Eclipse is an absolute masterstroke of raging and melodic fury, all the more impressive as it’s the band’s debut. The songwriting duo of Jesse Schobel and Jason Asberry have painted a sonic picture with every stroke carefully executed and every shade of black in its right place. The energetic, almost heroic sound on Under the Burning Eclipse is clearly modeled after the Swedish masters of the 1990s, particularly bands like Setherial (Nord-era, of course), Naglfar, and especially Dawn. At the same time, Stormruler clearly adds some of their own unique colors to the canvas, with some flashy solo work and unexpected riff-variations thrown in as well (the title track is a good example).

Here’s how the band put it to us:

“We had one mission upon forming Stormruler, and that was to write a blistering black metal record from the harvest of our influences. We combined everything we loved about black metal from the imperial war-like grind to the more epic Summoning-inspired marches, and I believe we accomplished exactly what we were set out to do. We took our time to create the perfect record and it took no time for Napalm records to discover Stormruler and we are honored by it. We are now ready to release this beast!”

Mission accomplished, boys. Your album totally rules. The riff work is fantastic, the rhythms frame the songs perfectly. and those vocals are absolutely scorching. As a fun bonus, go watch the video for “Reign of the Winged Duke,” and watch everyone in the comments totally thrown by how they expected power metal instead of black metal!

(Note: The band also let us know about their upcoming livestream show, scheduled for tomorrow at 3PM EDT via Black Metal Promotions. So be sure to check that out after blasting the album below!)

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Full Album Stream: Bleeth – “Harbinger”

According to Miami-based post-sludge metal outfit Bleeth, “We submerge the listener in this space eventually hearing what sounds like the opening of the mythological gate, signaling the ascension into our new sonic realm.” This Friday, the band will release its new album, Harbinger, on Seeing Red Records. But for those of you who can’t wait, Decibel is here to spoil you with the entire album streaming below.

The choice of album title was very deliberate for the band, as they describe how “the songs were conceived in a tumultuous time for us as a country. Inspired by the growing fear that society has a masochistic take towards authoritarianism.” My characterization of the band’s sound is partially a joke, as they are difficult to categorize — and this was deliberate as well: “When writing it we didn’t limit ourselves to a specific genre, we just knew we wanted to take people on a ride.” The band describes this in more detail:

“We wanted to ease people into the unfamiliar, but that ease doesn’t last long. “Initiation” quickly builds up into a fury of layered noise and guitars wailing creating an almost cyclical effect and if your listening to the vinyl eventually fades into what we imagine are the sounds that exist between technology.

The songs after that point are made with a special atonal tuning that I came up with on the guitar. Its strange melodic dissonance made us excited to write the other songs. “Skin of your teeth” is where this tuning reigns. We recorded and mixed with Ryan Haft a close friend and incredible musician (Capsule, Wrong). He has done sound for bands like Torche, Om, Red Fang, Eyehategod, Big Business, and more. Mastered by Brad Boatright (Windhand, Iron Reagan, Sleep, Obituary, and more). We hope this record leaves people wanting more and as excited as we are about it.”

Check out the album below. Apparently the vinyl release has more goodies in store than the digital-only version, so go here to snag that.

Harbinger by Bleeth

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Five For Friday: May 21, 2021

Hello, Decibel readers!

Hope you have a relaxing weekend with lots of free time on your hands! Or at least one that allows for a soundtrack. We’ve got a roundup of great stuff below, from well-known legends to death-doom devastators to totally weird black metal. It’s a lot to take in, so enjoy!

Amorphis – Live At Helsinki Ice Hall

Recorded in the band’s hometown in December of 2019 (great month for shows, right?), this live release documents Amorphis playing a set heavily dedicated to Queen of Time, but with assorted tracks from the band’s history played as well. I’m just happy to see “Into Hiding” and “Black Winter Day” there myself, so the rest is just academic.

Stream: Apple Music

Anatomia – Corporeal Torment

From our premiere of Corporeal Torment:

“Chilling ambient begins opening track “Dismemberment.” Consider it the cleansing of the torture device before the rest of Corporeal Torment crushes your bones into grave dust. But it only takes a solitary minute for the album to reveal its true face. Anatomia is Death/Doom at the genre’s most caustic. The grooves are covered in ooze and leeches.”

Corporeal Torment by Anatomia

Esoctrilihum – Dy’th Requiem For The Serpent Telepath

The French enigma known as Asthâghul returns from the 67493th dimension to bring another message of mystery and chaos. The album’s foundation is atmospheric black metal, but with lots of death metal and doom mixed in as well. If you’re looking for a rewarding experimental listen that stays tethered to aggression and ferocity, you need to hear this. Just check out how brutal this song is FFS:

Dy’th Requiem For The Serpent Telepath by ESOCTRILIHUM

Majestic Downfall – Aorta

From our premiere of Aorta:

“Querétaro-based Majestic Downfall are out-doing their brethren on this side of the Atlantic, as well as weeping harder and suffering more than their European influences. Indeed, Aorta is heavily injected by Finnish doom-death (Swallow the Sun), American doom-death (Evoken), and Swedish death-doom (October Tide), but there’s a different strain of sorrow at play.”

Stream: Apple Music

AORTA by Majestic Downfall

Monster Magnet – A Better Dystopia

Fun story: When I was in middle school, I had a music-snob friend who inexplicably hated Monster Magnet and would call people by the band’s name as an insult (no really, he would say “Hey Monster Magnet! Ha ha, I’m making fun of you!”). Fast forward a couple decades and I get to see the band absolutely kill it at Decibel Metal and Beer Fest. It’s satisfying when annoying people are proven wrong, even if it takes 20 years. ANYWAY. The band has a new album of covers out today, featuring renditions of old tunes from Hawkwind, Pentagram and many lesser-known names as well. When listening, you can definitely tell where Wyndorf and co. got a lot of their inspirations from.

Stream: Apple Music

A Better Dystopia by Monster Magnet

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Full EP Stream: Morbid Breath – “In the Hand of the Reaper”

Morbid Breath has been mining the caverns of ancient thrash metal, digging deep into the crevices of the 1980s in search of righteous riffs. Their excavation has yielded them the EP In the Hand of the Reaper, which Decibel is stoked to present to you in full. As part of this exhibition you’ll hear some crunchy and raw guitar work, primitive but exacting rhythms, and cavernous vocal growls. It recalls the vibe of early Sodom, Venom and Destruction, but comes at you with the sonic attack of Kill em’ All-era Metallica and Show No Mercy-era Slayer.

Here’s how the band describes their creative process for this EP:

“The driving concept for this EP was to create something that could revive that malicious, heavy, and raw 80’s thrash-metal sound that we all grew up listening to. Our goal was not to reinvent the wheel, but to combine all the elements that shaped our youth and passion for extreme metal and encapsulate that into this EP. The approach of recording the songs in a live environment helped us create the intensity and rawness that was needed. In regards to the theme, the starting point was the album artwork before we even began writing the EP. Usually, that’s not something that you would normally do but it helped us get into the diabolical vibe and morbid atmosphere that transpires throughout 21 minutes.”

Hey, sometimes all it takes is an image to set the mood. And the artwork is totally rad. Whatever board game this is for, I want to play it!

Check out the full stream below. In the Hand of the Reaper comes out this Friday via Redefining Darkness.

In the Hand of the Reaper by Morbid Breath

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Track Premiere: Gallows – “Come and See”

Lord Elzevir and Mouth of Greed, the two creative lords behind Gallows, aren’t messing around. The Salem-based black metal unit plays, pure, raw, straightforward second-wave black metal. And you know what that means: cold, snarling guitars; wretched, soul-piercing vocals; and backbreaking rhythms. Sure, there’s lots of bands like this swirling around the underground nowadays, but who cares? If you do something as well as these guys play the true northern darkness, there’s no need to break new ground for its own sake. The guitar tones are perfect, and the band weaves in just the right amount of melody into the riffs to make it interesting.

Here’s how the band describes their sound, along with the new track, “Come and See:”

“We play traditional black metal — full stop. As old-school fans of the genre, we were fed up with the modern sound and decided to dig back down to the roots. We wrote 66 Black Wings under the shroud of the pandemic, fueled by blasphemy and booze. The name, Gallows, is inspired by the location in which the songs were conceived and recorded: Gallows Hill, Salem, where innocents were once executed by Protestant fanatics. But our lyrics and themes are broader than just the tragedy of the witch murders, as depraved and quintessentially American as they were. We celebrate the Devil across all manner of texts and times, from the Ars Goetia to Venom. “Come and See” is our hymn to the end of worlds.”

Check out “Come and See” below and keep an ear out for the band’s album, 66 Black Wings, out on June 18. Check out the band’s Bandcamp page for pre-order and merch information.

66 Black Wings by Gallows

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Video Premiere: Eastern High – “Emperor”

Have you ever ached for a band that took the progressive and thoughtful sound of Porcupine Tree and Draconian Times-era Paradise Lost, but blended it with the heft and drive of metalcore and modern Swedish metal? Your search ends today. Decibel is happy to present the new video from Eastern High, a five-piece act from Malmö, Sweden. The band self-produced and released their debut albumGarden of Heathens back in 2017, and are set to unleash their second album, Halo on July 30.

According to the band:

“Since the debut album was released back in 2017, our main focus was to make this two-man project a five-man band, which we achieved in 2019. After the recording sessions last summer, we sent the tracks to Erik at Tone Tension Productions for mixing. In the meantime, we filmed the music videos for “Emperor” and “Morning Star,” which was an adventure of cold wind, rain, and some horrific drama when we lost one of our drones, having vanished into the sea with tons of good film material. Not a happy moment after days of work. In the end, everything turned out great and we are now very excited to release this album. With dark themes and a mysterious melodic sound, HALO continues where our debut album Garden Of Heathens left off. It’s an album with both a heavy and light feel to it.”

And in the end, the song itself delivers with memorable melodies, colorful riff-work and all the double-bass you could ask for.

Check it out below:

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