Album Premiere: Destabalizer – ‘Violence Is The Answer!’

Destablizer are back with a new record, Violence Is The Answer, out September 22 via Horror, Pain, Gore, Death. You can stream the album in full right here:

Violence Is The Answer! by DESTABILIZER

These chaotic thrashers are punishing, straightforward, and a lot of fun. Hailing from Denmark, they throw back to the classics of the genre while still having a unique and refreshing sound.

The band initially formed in 2020, and this latest record is 10 tracks of Satan-worshiping thrash. The album features the imagery of artist Mario Lopez and more riffs than you can shake a stick at.

About the record, the band say:

“Our new album, Violence is the Answer, is a work of pure passion for us. All tracks are our own, and we’ve engineered and produced it all ourselves.

“We set out to achieve our own take on the classic 80’s thrash sound, and we’re immensely satisfied with the outcome.

“Mike from HPGD has been amazing to work with, and the process of getting to where we are now couldn’t have gone any smoother!

So buy the album… or else!”

You can do just that and preorder the album here.

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Track Premiere: Rat King – “Vermin”

Deathgrind maniacs Rat King are teasing the track “Vermin” ahead of their full-length, Psychotic Reality, out September 29 via Satanik Royalty Records.

“We must accept the fact that the human race isn’t but a disease onto this world,” Rat King say about the track. “This song explores that sentiment, and it’s musically encased by the brutality of that self-realization.”

The Seattle-based band rip through nine solid tracks on this banger of a record. It focuses on the darkness that can be found in everyday life, on social media and in the everyday horrors of modern existence.

“Our reality as a human race has been one of cruelty, vitriol, and chaos,” the band say about the themes on the record at large. “All the horror that surrounds us creates a reality that we as individuals are force fed to consume. This nine-track album explores our existence with themes of corruption, isolation, suicide, bigotry, and war.”

Psychotic Reality by Rat King

Psychotic Reality was recorded at Soundhouse Studios in Ballard, Seattle, produced by the band, and mixed by Taylor Young at The Pit recording studio. The album will be released on limited LP, cassette, and digitally.

Preorder the album here, and order it digitally on Bandcamp here.

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Full Album Stream: Fossilization – “Leprous Daylight”

According to V, the bassist, vocalist and guitarist for Fossilization, “I think Leprous Daylight is Fossilization’s most violent effort so far but still full of the melancholy and sadness you have been used to with our previous releases.” Upon listening to songs like “Once Was God,” with its combination of ruthless brutality and devastating aura, I’m inclined to agree. And upon listening to songs like “At the Heart of the Nest,” I’m inclined to say the album rules.

Leprous Daylight is the band’s debut full-length album, the culmination of a few years of shorter-form releases, including a split with the excellent Ritual Necromancy. If you’re a fan of the cavernous and crushing sounds of bands like Krypts, Cruciamentum and Ignivomous, it’s time to add Fossilization’s new album to your personal canon. Decibel is pleased to present Leprous Daylight in its entirety below. The album comes out tomorrow via Everlasting Spew Records. You can find pre-order information here.

Leprous Daylight by Fossilization

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Video Premiere: Trounce – “The Crippled Saint”

Check out this new video from Trounce, “The Crippled Saint,” from their forthcoming album, The Seven Crowns, out October 20.

Project mastermind Jona Nido says: “This track has its own special vibe, bringing together elements that I was never able to put together in other bands. It’s basically a long mid-pace and meditative blastbeats with super melodic guitar arpeggios. The guitar kind of floats over the drums, and the contrast between both instruments gives the song this very intense yet very dramatic feel. Renaud’s vocals really come (out) unexpected(ly), and they give an extra touch of catchiness.”

The album will be released as one piece of work including 11 songs recorded in the studio as well as 11 more from recorded live at Roadburn Festival. Both versions offer some unique tracks as well as some alternative versions of the same songs. The album showcases the band’s expansive live sound as well as their dialed-in but slightly unhinged black metal vibes.

Concerts in Switzerland:
06.10 – Saint-Gall (CH) – Palace
07.10 – Nyon (CH) – Usine à Gaz
28.10 – Fribourg (CH) – Fri-son [Hummus Fest]
03.11 – Zürich (CH) – Rote Fabrik 
04.11 – Neuchâtel (CH) – Case à Chocs
18.11 – Bâle (CH) – Sommercasino  [Hummus Fest]
02.12 – Genève (CH) – Groove
16.12 – Monthey (CH) – Pont Rouge –  [Hummus Fest]
Preorder the album here.
Photo courtesy of Roberto Romano

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EP Premiere: Broken Pillars – ‘Of Pillars and Primordial Myth’

Iranian band Broken Pillars, who are part of digital black metal label Ardawahisht Kollektive, are sharing their Of Pillars and Primordial Myth EP exclusively with us.

“The name ‘broken pillars’ is inspired by the ancient ruins of Persepolis, one of the oldest sites of civilization, which was the capital of the Achaemenid Empire circa 500 BC,” the band explain. “Through the naming of the band, the duo is ambitious to represent both their heritage as well as the current identity chaos going on in Iran.

The band’s debut EP titled Of Pillars and Primordial Myth is narrated by ancient Persian deities imprisoned in some of the broken pillars in Perspolis. The deities are determined to wash away the darkness covering their realm to free the inheritors of the Persian empire and reclaim their ancestor’s glory.”

The Persian black metal band channel their classic, ancient culture through the sounds of methodic, ritualistic black metal on this latest EP.

Preorder the album here.

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Video Premiere: Spillage – “Phase Four”

Spillage present the title track from their forthcoming album, Phase Four, out September 8 via Qumran Records. A statement from the band’s PR explains:

Phase Four conceptualized science gone wrong by using it for power over humanity and questioning if this is the ‘end of days.’ The song moves to eventually considering whether people themselves will ever consider taking back control from the ‘mad’ people using this science for their own agendas. Tony jokingly referred to keyboardist Paul Rau as ‘the Mad Scientist,’ and building on that theme, Spillage created a video that followed the story. Bassist Billy McGuffey created the album artwork using Paul’s likeness as the model, which lended the story a bit of a comic book vibe. Paul, being a teacher at a Catholic School, appreciated the gesture, stating that Billy ‘made me the coolest teacher ever…”

The riff-heavy doom band have been around for over 10 years now, and the sound of their new record stays in touch with their initial doom roots while also channeling influence from different genres across the heavy music spectrum. This track prepares us for the absolute devastation that will ensue after the album drops.

Phase Four was coproduced by Bruce Franklin from the band Trouble and also features Bruce on backing vocals for the track ‘Nothing To See.’”

Follow Spillage here.

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Lyric Video Premiere: Torn the F*ck Apart – “A Statement of Malicious Intent”

Today we have a new track to shred your faces, “A Statement of Malicious Intent” from Torn the Fuck Apart’s forthcoming album, Kill.Bury.Repeat. out October 6 via Gore House Productions.

The Kansas City-based band are known for a full-on, brutal approach, and  this new track is no exception. This is the second single released from the anticipated full-length, and it proves the band are not slowing their roll at all, as it pummels through fast and furious. The lyrics deal with real-life events from 1997 in North Hollywood.

“’A Statement of Malicious Intent’ is inspired by the true events of the Hollywood shootout on February 28, 1997. The shootout is considered one of the bloodiest shootouts in the history of the United States police force. More than 2,000 rounds were fired, and Larry Phillips Jr. was shot nearly a dozen times. Emil Matasareanu was shot several times in the legs and bled to death a short time later.”

The band worked with Robert Rebeck of Origin on engineering and producing the record. Preorder or presave the album here.

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Full Album Premiere: Nixil – “From the Wound Spilled Forth Fire”

Psychedelic black metal band Nixil are sharing a full stream of their forthcoming album From the Wound Spilled Forth the Fire. The record is out August 25 via Prosthetic Records.

The chaotic, heavy and challenging new album is both psychedelic and crushing, weaving a hypnotic web that mirrors the art on the cover. From the Wound Spilled Fourth Fire is furious and transcendental, but still with plenty of dynamic, classic riffing.

“Our writing process has always been collaborative, intuitive, and often synchronous; generally one or another of us brings an idea—anything from a short riff or theme to an entire song skeleton—to practice, and as the rest of us offer input, the song begins to take on a life of its own,” the band explain. “Something unique for all of us about writing in this band is the atmosphere that tends to take over during the creative process; driven by an overarching intent, it sometimes feels otherworldly the way things come together, even through complicated moments of navigating each other’s different skills, influences, and opinions. It’s a sort of melding of minds that none of us have ever really experienced in previous projects.

“Most of the lyrics are written from direct personal experiences that C. (vocals) is having through spiritual and magical work. Thematically, all of the songs on this album, in one form or another, describe the drive toward and process of attaining liberation at all costs and in all ways, taking a stance against demiurgic illusion. Some of the lyrics are directly experiential; some present parts of philosophy or practice; similar to the synchronicity that we find in song creation, it happened several times while writing this record that C. presented lyrics which directly reflected a specific thing that one of us was grappling with at the time without having shared that information with the rest of the group. One song is a curse aimed at those arrogant fools in this world that believe systems of despotism are desirable and in any way synonymous with liberation. Fuck the fascists.”

You can catch the band on tour this fall:

August 24: Rochester, NY @ Bug Jar
August 25: Rahway, NJ @ Fucking Gallery
September 29: Youngstown, OH @ Westside Bowl
September 30: Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie
October 1: Worcester, MA @ Ralph’s Rock Diner
October 2: Wallingford, CT @ Cherry Street Station
October 3: Windsor, VT @ Windsor Exchange
October 4: Portland, ME @ Geno’s Rock Club
October 5: Providence, RI @ Dusk
October 6: Queens, NY @ El Bunker del Diablo

Preorder or presave the album here.

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Interview: Xasthur’s Scott Conner on Redefining Black Metal Influence with ‘Inevitably Dark’

An enigma and personality as much as he is a black metal musician, Scott “Malefic” Conner of Xasthur, returned this summer with a new record Inevitably Dark. Part reluctant love letter to a genre he can’t seem to escape despite all the baggage that goes with it, and part self-exploration of an inevitably aging metalhead, Inevitably Dark is, just as the name replies, a return to the sound that has defined Xasthur, for better or for worse. We spoke with him about this inevitable progression towards his latest work and the process behind the music.

Let’s start by talking a little bit about the new record. I know you’re back to having a lot more black metal influence after swearing it off for a bit—can you talk about how that came to be?

I think there is that influence for sure, but I also think this record can be recommended because—I hate to use the word “genre,” but it has, like, maybe eight different genres on it, blues, heavy rock, whatever. I can’t really think of another record like that, and I think most people are afraid to do something like that. But you definitely can’t say all the songs are the same—To me, that’s the biggest thing that recommends it.

Can you talk about what informed this slightly heavier, more black metal record as well as what inspired you to pull in so many influences?

I don’t really pay attention to influences because I don’t want to mold myself after what someone else is doing. You can get inspiration from something, but I don’t want to be influenced by it. I just want to completely do my own thing. I’ve been that way for years, and it’s become that way more and more as the years go by. When I started, I didn’t even start out trying to make songs; it just kind of happened. The funny thing, before this record, I bought a BC Rich, and I just started coming up with black metal and death metal riffs, so I decided to make a few songs from what I was writing.

That makes sense, just kind of playing what came to you instead of worrying so much about, “Oh, does it fit this genre? Is everything on the record fitting in with this sound?”

Exactly, and the new guitar got old again, just like the old music got old again, eventually, and now I’m back to doing my own thing.

What was the writing and recording process throughout the album? When did everything come about, and what was the process like of getting it all together?

For the past few years or so with this particular record, I’ve had this plan in my head for what I’m gonna write. I wanted to make sure that everything was up to my standards. I wanted to make sure everything was fast enough, technically enough, weird enough. I wanted the songs to sound dark and unusual enough to fit in on the record.

What were some of the big conceptual ideas you were trying to tie in with that darker sound?

Well actually the lyrics are there, but the vocals are not because they would have to be sung, and I don’t have a singer. So maybe someday they will be added, but the lyrics are there anyway. I do want to say about the lyrics, I never name names, and I want to say “names” plural. For people who are a little confused and take shit personally, the lyrics are just about people. Like really fucked up people, people who are fucking crazy but call me crazy.

Sometimes people will say, “You’ve got some black metal songs on the record; how come there’s no singing, no black metal screaming?” It’s because I don’t have any meaningless black metal lyrics to scream. I didn’t write “Freezing Moon”-type black metal lyrics to just sing in a black metal voice, you know what I mean? So that’s a point that I’ve been trying to get out there, and I think Decibel is probably a good place to finally make that point.

So, the lyrics, even though they aren’t physically being sung on the record, are there, and are about something deeper?

Yes, they’re a lot more about what I’ve seen and dealt with, some personal stuff. Things that I know for a fact are real. I didn’t, and I can’t, make this shit up. It’s fucking insane, but I can’t make it up; I’ve really seen that shit. People are like, “Where the hell did you come up with this? It’s too crazy to be real!” Well, it’s too crazy to be made up or fake, too. It’s also a good way to get things out of my system. It’s kind of like a mirror; it goes in a lot of different directions where I question myself and question what I’ve seen. So it’s very mirror-oriented. It’s not really a projection thing, but it is a way of getting things out of my system.

Order Inevitably Dark from Lupus Lounge here.

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Track Premiere: Dismal Aura – “Les Allumettieres”

Canadian black metal trio Dismal Aura have dropped a lyric video for “Les Allumettieres.” The band are known for exploring issues like colonization, trans rights, and labor rights, and this song is in the same vein.

“The single ‘Les Allumettieres’ is inspired by the women who advanced worker’s solidarity in the deplorable conditions of matchstick factories in turn-of-the-century Canada,” says the band’s Archon Lamentor.

The song conjures at once imagery of a barren, snowy plane and the concept of a proud worker standing up against oppression. The classic black metal stylings are blended with punk, grind, and even melodic elements to create something all their own.

The band first arrived on the scene in 2021 with their debut, self-released album Praeagia Tristia. Their forthcoming album Imperium Mortalia will be out September 29 via Avantegarde Music.

Preorder Imperium Mortalia via Sound Cave.

Imperium Mortalia:
01 – Blood Quantum
02 – Les Allumettières
03 – One Path, Many Voices
04 – Essence Of Petrichor
05 – …And Their Blood Shall Be Upon Them
06 – Weaponizing Human Suffering
07 – The Orphan Source
08 – Beyond Necropolitics

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