Track Premiere: Stomach – “Double Lung Transplant”

The latest track from Chicago duo Stomach is like the tale of two bands (and songs). Lest you should turn off “Double Lung Transplant” after the first 10 seconds of powerviolence mayhem, you’d miss the ensuing repetitious sludge and misery of the following 3:30. Apparently all these sounds are a part of the Stomach—drummer/vocalist John Hoffman (ex-Weekend Nachos) and guitarist Adam Tomlinson (Sick/Tired and Sea Of Shit )—M.O., which is big on ugly, ugly sounds of all types. And I kind of feel like anything titled “Double Lung Transplant” should be gnarly AF. This accomplishes that in spades.

The song is taken from Stomach’s debut full-length, Parasite, which features eight tracks and was recorded at the Pit II in Geneva, Illinois in the Fall of 2022. It was mixed and mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios. It’s currently set for release digitally and on vinyl on October 20 on Hibernation Records. There will be 100 copies pressed on clear wax as a label exclusive, as well as 200 copies on black vinyl. Find preorders at the label webshop here and Bandcamp here.

And if you’re in the Chicago area, check out the band playing with Crowbar and Primitive Man at Reggie’s on Sept. 28.

9/28/2023 Reggies – Chicago, IL w/ Crowbar, Primitive Man, Bodybox

Here’s what Hoffman had to say about the new track:

“I’ve never strayed away from fast parts…no matter what style I was playing. My favorite sludge bands existed during a time when a lot of those bands were playing with powerviolence bands all the time. Spazz, Grief, Crossed Out, Noothgrush, to name just a few, It’s sort of all the same vibe to me, just raw brutality, not out to impress anybody and definitely not polished like a lot of death metal and even some grindcore tends to be. Thrash parts aren’t really a major focus in Stomach but you’ll still always see them included in songs, like this one for example.”


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