Full Album Stream: Farscape – ‘Purged and Forgotten’

Brazilian thrash outfit Farscape are celebrating their 25th year together as a band with a brand new full-length, Purged and Forgotten, their fourth total long-player. What, you may ask, took them so long to get four albums out if they’ve been a band continuously for 25 years? Well, these things can’t be rushed, you see. And also, they were perhaps distracted by the members’ involvement in other outfits, such as Atomic Roar, Apokalyptic Raids and Diabolic Force, among others. So, let’s just say that perhaps for Witchcaptor (guitars/vocals), Whipstriker (bass/backing vocals), Poisonhell (guitars) and Skullkrusher (drums) Farscape wasn’t maybe a priority. But, hey, we’re glad they’re back with new material (their first since 2013) and bashing out their Brazilian brand of Teutonic thrash like it’s 1984.

The seven-song scorcher channels not only Germanic faves like Sodom and Destruction, you can hear a little bit of the Accüsed in there, as well. Purged and Forgotten will be available September 22 on CD, vinyl, cassette and digitally from Dying Victims. You can place preorders here and here.

Here’s the band’s lowdown on the new effort:

Purged and Forgotten intricately explores themes of madness, abuse and asylum through a blend of wild thrashing riffs and insane vocals. Additionally, the album makes a poignant reference to the Brazilian Holocaust in Barbacena, adding a layer of historical significance to its artistic expression”

Purged and Forgotten by Farscape

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