Blast Worship: Cave Moth

Where they from?
Florida, USA. We have officially under two weeks until NFL kickoff but fall is already in the air as I just procured my first pumpkin spice flavored cup of coffee from the 7-11 down the street because deep down I am just a basic white woman. I know this is true because the other day I heard a Miley Cyrus song on the radio of my Uber and unironically thought, “this shit bangs.” Wow, next thing you know I’ll be asking to speak to someone’s manager.

Why the hype?
Cave Moth describe themselves as “Adderall grind,” which is such a uniquely perfect descriptor of their style that I almost feel like this entire article is necessary. Cave Moth’s music is a nightmarish mathematic hellhole combining influences as far ranging as the pummeling deathgrind of Plague Widow to the skewered mathy gymnastics of Thin and even some of the technical monstrosity of Viraemia. And big shout out to the bassist for making his presence known in a genre not normally accustomed to such things.

Latest Release?
Paralytic Love, self-released. I’ve always held that mathcore needs just a tiny hint of slam in order to keep the listener grounded, and boy howdy do the Cave Moth boys understand that. Behind every eviscerating shitstorm of ill-timed diminished fifths is a pummeling beatdown ready to concuss the listener into obeying it’s will. It’s no Taylor or Miley, but it’ll have to do (turns on Sex and the City).

Paralytic Love by Cave Moth

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