Full Album Premiere: Starlight Ritual “Sealed in Starlight”

Starlight Ritual are heavy metal’s newest champions. Based in Montréal, Quebec, the starlighting five-piece formed in 2014 and have advanced in triumph with two EPs — Starlight Ritual (2015) and Age of the Universe (2016) — before setting their sights on debut full-length, Sealed in Starlight, via Canada-based indie Temple of Mystery Records. Starlight Ritual’s late-’70s inspired metal recalls the grit of Motörhead, the attack of Accept, the musicianship of Rainbow, and the overall artistry of Judas Priest. Vocally, fans of icons Ronnie James (RIP) and Ian Gillan are going to find solace and familiarity in newcomer Damian Ritual. Indeed, across Sealed in Starlight — from “Marauders” and “Burning Desire” to “The Riddle of Steel” and the title track — the Canadians are smashing spiritless heavy metal drivel in the best ways possible.

So, bring on your warriors of old! Hold your swords and shields aloft! Time for Sealed in Starlight to lead the way!

Sealed in Starlight by Starlight Ritual

** Starlight Ritual’s new album, Sealed in Starlight, is out June 2nd on Temple of Mystery Records. Pre-orders for LP and CD can be found at Bandcamp (HERE) or at the label’s website (HERE). Hail the metal of heavy from the Great White North!

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