Track Premiere: Drawn and Quartered – “Carnage Atrocity”

Drawn and Quartered are a band you can always count on, especially if you really love darkness, brutality and evil.

The band has a new album coming out on July 2 called Congregation Pestilence, and Decibel is proud to bring you a new song from that record today called “Carnage Atrocity.” What does it sound like? Heavy ominous riffs, a side of blazing blast beats, and a healthy serving of deep growling vocals. It’s the death metal dish the band has spent the last three decades perfecting, and it always hits the spot.

According to Herb Burke, the band’s vocalist and bassist: “With jagged slashing and frenzied disembowelment, “Carnage Atrocity,” is a neck-snapping orgy of violence that will sear itself upon the mind; a traditional tale of graphic gore from the birth of serial killing, its end vanishing into the mists of the unknown.”

Enjoy the song below, and may the horned shadows rise eternally!

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