Video Premiere: Eastern High – “Emperor”

Have you ever ached for a band that took the progressive and thoughtful sound of Porcupine Tree and Draconian Times-era Paradise Lost, but blended it with the heft and drive of metalcore and modern Swedish metal? Your search ends today. Decibel is happy to present the new video from Eastern High, a five-piece act from Malmö, Sweden. The band self-produced and released their debut albumGarden of Heathens back in 2017, and are set to unleash their second album, Halo on July 30.

According to the band:

“Since the debut album was released back in 2017, our main focus was to make this two-man project a five-man band, which we achieved in 2019. After the recording sessions last summer, we sent the tracks to Erik at Tone Tension Productions for mixing. In the meantime, we filmed the music videos for “Emperor” and “Morning Star,” which was an adventure of cold wind, rain, and some horrific drama when we lost one of our drones, having vanished into the sea with tons of good film material. Not a happy moment after days of work. In the end, everything turned out great and we are now very excited to release this album. With dark themes and a mysterious melodic sound, HALO continues where our debut album Garden Of Heathens left off. It’s an album with both a heavy and light feel to it.”

And in the end, the song itself delivers with memorable melodies, colorful riff-work and all the double-bass you could ask for.

Check it out below:

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