Five For Friday: February 26, 2021

Decibel readers, I greet you.

It’s time to dive into this week’s supply dump of new metal releases and see what’s worth hauling back to base. If you like grimy death metal, straightforward black metal, some extreme power metal, and a touch of more sleek gothic metal, you’ll find enough riffs to get you through the next week.


Forhist – Forhist

Vindsval goes back to basics, and it feels so good. You may know him from the legendary Blut Aus Nord, an entity known equally for the atmospheric majesty of the Memoria Vetusta albums and dissonant emanations like The Work Which Transforms God. On this album, he keeps it simple, crafting a mesmerizing homage to second-wave Norwegian-style black metal. Nothing needs to be reinvented here, just revived again in the artist’s unique voice, transporting the listener to that glorious realm once again — where cold winds blow.

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Forhist by FORHIST

Moonspell – Hermitage

Our resident hate-beaking African Grey had some choice words for this one: “This is your standard “Euro metal” fare. Gothy, moody openings, “epic” chorus, SUPER slick production and has all of the teeth of a newborn.” Still, this style certainly has its devotees and plenty of virtues if you’re in the right mood and setting for it. And if the band can keep it catchy enough, as Moonspell does here, there’s reason enough to hit the “replay” button.

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Hermitage by Moonspell

Sadistic Drive – Anthropophagy

Not for the faint of heart, the weak of stomach, the sensitive of eye, the ticklish of the nose, and every other sense or impulse you can think of. This is raw, gross death metal in all it’s scorching riff-driven glory. It’s the type of music you play to upset someone at inappropriate moments, like a wine tasting or a child’s birthday party. Though if the kid’s fun, they might respond to titles like “Acid Vomit” and say “COOL!”

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Anthropophagy by Sadistic Drive

Significant Point – Into the Storm

Hit play, and you’ll get the point: METAAAAAAAALLL!!!!!

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Significant Point – Into the Storm by Dying Victims Productions

Summoning the Lich – United in Chaos

There’s something comforting about the artwork here, as it reminds me of friend’s rooms in highschool filled with blacklight posters. And the music is pretty comforting as well, like if The Black Dahlia Murder went in a more consistently tech-death direction and had Randy Blythe perform the lower-range growls while Trevor held down the higher screaming front. I don’t point this out to accuse the band of aping anyone, I mention these things as a compliment. This is a fun and infectious death metal album, and these dudes should be proud!

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United in Chaos by Summoning The Lich

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