Video Premiere: BleakHeart – ‘The Visitor’

The feelings of loss and grief upon losing a loved one are often crushing, depressing and hopeless. Though most people understand and relate to these feelings, transmitting them through music is a difficult thing, which makes BleakHeart‘s “The Visitor” all the more powerful.

The third song on BleakHeart’s recently-released album, Dream Griever, “The Visitor” is driven by sparse, doomy guitar from JP Damron (Vermin Womb, In the Company of Serpents) and Kelly Schilling’s (Dreadnought) vocals, which float mournfully over her bandmates’ instrumentation.

Paired with a black-and-white video comprised mostly of outdoor nature shots, “The Visitor” is haunting and sad; the feelings of grief and sadness are palpable and heavy.

“We dedicate this video to our dear friend Brandon Gay, who we lost and we love,” BleakHeart told Decibel.

Watch “The Visitor” below; Dream Griever is out now independently. TRVE Brewing have set up a fundraiser benefiting the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention in Gay’s memory.


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