Fissure Announce Two New EPs!

Los Angeles is home to many thing: the Hollywood hills, men in Spiderman costumes and, of course, world champion baseball and basketball teams. But most importantly, it is home to hardcore/powerviolence four-piece Fissure.

The Fissure crew may have been laying low for the past five years, but are back with a double-dose of Skronk-filled hardcore as they are set to release two EPs of brand new music in December!

The first, Stagnant, features muddy, knuckle-dragging hardcore that should appeal to fans of Sex Prisoner and Weekend Nachos where the second, Soledad, is a bit more blast happy and angular, like Backslider in a back-alley streetfight with xBrainiax over a vegan dumpster.

Both releases will be available through No Time Records, and we are pleased to premiere two tracks here, the blistering “Wot’n” from Soledad and album opener “Fiberglass Filled Lungs’ from Stagnant.

Soledad [NTR 211] by FISSURE

Stagnant [NTR 212] by FISSURE

Pre-order the album here.

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