Track Premiere: Profanity – ‘Disputed Territory (feat. Dave Suzuki)’

German death metal institution Profanity have been at it, sporadically, longer than this writer has been alive, but they’ve lost none of the fire in their 27 years of existence. Their upcoming fourth album Fragments of Solace is a ripping, technical achievement that will be unleashed upon the world next month, but Decibel has a preview with the track “Disputed Territory.”

Featuring Churchburn and ex-Vital Remains guitarist Dave Suzuki on solos, “Disputed Territory” could put any of Profanity’s modern peers to shame with its dizzying leads, atonal solos and machine-like rhythm section.

“This song features Dave Suzuki, ex-Vital Remains, now Churchburn,” Profanity tell Decibel. “We are great fans of this absolutely awesome musician and of course of the music Dave wrote back in the days with Vital Remains. Especially what concerns his unique guitar playing style and when it comes to his awesome guitar lines, melodies and guitar solos… they are not from this world. His approach to extreme music and his ability to combine brutality with such beautiful melodies is just insane! We always said: these guitar solos are giving the songs wings to fly. So when we got his confirmation about his guest appearance on this song we just freaked out and felt so humbled and grateful. This is something very special to us and such a great honor to have him on this record.”

You can listen to “Disputed Territory” below and pre-order Fragments of Solace via the band.

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