Video Premiere: Sword Collector – “Inherit the Scepter”

Texas gothic rock trio Sword Collector are here “to make self-discovery sacred.” While their songs are fused with the solemnity of shadowy goth, the songs never sulk. They writhe with darkwave beats and flourishes. The veins of their music surge with the blood of post-punk. And with a mission as righteous as deepening self-knowledge, Decibel is honored to share the music video for Sword Collector’s “Inherit the Scepter.”

“Inherit the Scepter” is a fable of self-actualization and catharsis, cloaked in occult and fantasy imagery. Picture cult film Begotten filmed in vibrant color, soaked in sunlight and blooming flowers. Or maybe horror epic Midsommar trimmed to a 4 minute cathartic music video informed by ’80s sword & sorcery flicks. While the vocals drone their encouragements atop minimalist percussion, the riffs shimmer like reflections on a summer lake. The song sounds like its mystical power could protect your spirit if played in a constant ouroboric loop. Fans of Sisters of Mercy and The Cure will wrap themselves in the song for comfort. The video is the directorial debut of Sword Collector bassist/vocalist Kyle James McCoy, who used deeply personal insight to inform the evocative visuals.

“”Inherit The Scepter” is a song about overcoming abuse, but my vision for the video comes from a very specific experience,” shares McCoy. “You see, I used to casually share this story of one of my biological father’s ex-girlfriends attempting to poison my sibling and me, but I’d always tell the story with a self-deprecating, dark humor. Eventually, someone close to me let me know that the story was heartbreaking if I just left out all the deadpanned punchlines. It seems completely obvious, I know, but my early-twenties mind was blown. Most people that I knew at the time combated trauma with humor, so I’d never given my approach a second thought until that point.

“When I finally confronted the truth of my trauma,” McCoy continues, “it forced me on a journey of healing. In that sense, the hooded figures in the video represent that painful truth. When I finally confronted it, it anointed me in its pain, dragged me along half-dazed, and presented me with the option to sink or swim. When I finally overcame the pain and confusion, my truth became subservient, providing me with strength and insight. The video’s protagonist, played by the wonderful Emily Thyme, is an avatar for anyone who’s had a similar experience processing their own trauma.”

Seize the blade and slash your way to catharsis while streaming Sword Collector’s “Inherit the Scepter” below.

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