Video Premiere: Eternal Struggle- “Indoctrination”

It’s time for some anger, some punishment, and some crushing grooves — it’s time for some hardcore.

Tel Aviv-based warriors Eternal Struggle are here with their new video for “Indoctrination,” a song on their upcoming full-length due out this winter. The video shows the band tearing it up to their rousing jeremiad against sectarian conflict and warfare:

“We gave our lives for a false cause
To sanctify the roots of war
We’ve been let down
And we must rise
We cannot play into their hands
Make us serve our time for their own crimes
The more we fall the more they will conquer”

Stylistically, the band highly resembles the metallic hardcore from the early-to-mid-2000s, particularly Unearth and Himsa. Having been an adolescent at the time, I’m of course totally blinded by rose-tinted glasses and will immediately love anything that does a good job at this without totally ripping off the old classics. And Eternal Struggle does fantastic work here: great guitar sound, ferocious vocals, and of course, breakdowns.

Crank this, and check out the band’s other material on Bandcamp:

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