Video Premiere: pg.lost – ‘Shelter’

pg.lost are a special talent among post-rock. The Swedish quartet comes from varying backgrounds, with members currently and formerly known for their work with Ghost, Cult of Luna and The Great Discord, in an effort to follow their love of ambient, post-rock and shoegaze music. The end result is far bigger than its parts, creating singular, expressive songs like “Shelter,” the album’s fourth track and subject of a new in-studio video Decibel is premiering today.

Without words and using synthesizers as much as guitars to express melody, pg.lost play to each other’s musical strengths—though the music has a direction, the band work together naturally to play off of the music’s ebbs and flows to build to a climax before releasing and ending the song. In its loudest moments, “Shelter” reflects the influence of bands like Isis and Neurosis on pg.lost, but the music follows a much more laid-back direction.

The band’s new album Oscillate will be out on November 20 on post-rock aficionado label Pelagic, but the live video for “Shelter” is streaming below.

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