WAX MEKANIX Releases “Victorious”


High-velocity rocker Wax Mekanix has unleashed his video for the track “Victorious”.


The song is from his album Mobocracy which was released on November 20 via Electric Talon Records.


Watch “Victorious” below:


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A breed of hard rock that carries a heavy, stripped-down sound is what Dead Original continues to produce.


“Let It Burn” is their next single from their EP Bought and Sold which is due out in January of 2021.


Following their single releases of “Restrained”, “Bought and Sold”, and now “Let It Burn”, Dead Original continues to produce their sound working with TLG Entertainment/INgrooves, with the results speaking for themselves.

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Watch: Maggot Heart – ‘Sex Breath’

Swedish rockers Maggot Heart are in the punk spirit in their latest video for “Sex Breath,” a cut from Maggot Heart’s latest album, Mercy Machine, which came out earlier this July. Powered by frontwoman Linnéa Olsson’s (ex-Grave Pleasures, ex-The Oath) power chords, guitar melodies and in-your-face vocals, “Sex Breath” is a simple and effective punk banger.

Coupled with its low-budget music video, “Sex Breath” could have been released any time in the past four decades, which lends it charm. Some things never go out of style and that’s a good thing.

“Sex Breath” is representative of both sides of Maggot Heart: the upbeat rocker side and the heavier dissonance of tracks like album opener “Second Class.” Olsson lists her influences as Voivod, Killing Joke and Patti Smith, and each of those can be heard loud and clear on Mercy Machine.

Mercy Machine is out now on Rapid Eye Records; listen to the album and watch the video for “Sex Breath” below.

Mercy Machine by Maggot Heart

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Video Premiere: BleakHeart – ‘The Visitor’

The feelings of loss and grief upon losing a loved one are often crushing, depressing and hopeless. Though most people understand and relate to these feelings, transmitting them through music is a difficult thing, which makes BleakHeart‘s “The Visitor” all the more powerful.

The third song on BleakHeart’s recently-released album, Dream Griever, “The Visitor” is driven by sparse, doomy guitar from JP Damron (Vermin Womb, In the Company of Serpents) and Kelly Schilling’s (Dreadnought) vocals, which float mournfully over her bandmates’ instrumentation.

Paired with a black-and-white video comprised mostly of outdoor nature shots, “The Visitor” is haunting and sad; the feelings of grief and sadness are palpable and heavy.

“We dedicate this video to our dear friend Brandon Gay, who we lost and we love,” BleakHeart told Decibel.

Watch “The Visitor” below; Dream Griever is out now independently. TRVE Brewing have set up a fundraiser benefiting the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention in Gay’s memory.


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Top Five Bathory Albums That Changed My Life With Havukruunu

By Stefan (Havukruunu)

I could never do five-album lists. Be it heavy, electronic, rap, classical or progressive. There are too many influences behind Havukruunu, but there is only one that changed my life so dramatically and influenced my playing and overall perception of music so much that it affected the whole existence of Havukruunu. That influence is the mighty fucking Bathory. Or, the man behind it all, Quorthon.

To remember and honor the life’s work of one weird Swedish motherfucker, I hereby present the Top 5 Bathory Albums That Changed My Life. Or, rather shaped what Havukruunu is today! Let’s burn some fucking leather!

5. Bathory — Bathory
1984 Black Mark Production

Bathory made me see that you can actually make legitimate stuff with very limited resources. The cheap production only highlights Quorthon’s talent. I argue 99 percent of metal bands wouldn’t hold up with such a rotten and eerie soundscape. Especially with lazy playing. The nervous energy, aggression, and enthusiasm makes Bathory’s self-titled debut and black metal what it is—and should be! Bathory’s debut, for a very young me, was hugely inspiring and encouraging. The goat whispered to me, that if you put all bets on the riffs and evil atmosphere, it will work out. The goat was right!

4. Bathory — The Return……
1985 Black Mark Production

The second Bathory album is ridiculously dark. It sounds like the depths of hell. We used to listen to it at our rehearsal space while on stolen sleeping pills and vodka—don’t do it, kids. The music felt like it was a hauntingly physical, with sort of gelatinous evil presence, while we were in and out of consciousness. The atmosphere is inevitable. You cannot escape the darkness! I think I still have cassettes of me and my friends trying to emulate the thick and sinister sound, when we were sober enough, but never could come even close. Maybe we shouldn’t have sobered up at all. The Return…… was frightening and felt very real to us. Satan is present. Yet, he is unseen.

3. Bathory — Under the Sign of the Black Mark
1987 Under One Flag

I have always tried to figure out what exactly it is you have to do to make an album sound like this. Maybe it’s the fact you’re trying to hide your lousy sounding electronic drum pads in the mix, and then it accidentally becomes this weird, intimidating, cavernous blur of shitty drums, razorblade guitars, and the sickest snarly machine-gun vocal performances of all time. Under the Sign of the Black Mark—like the self-titled debut album—made it very clear to me that you have to have limits. If you can do anything you want in an expensive studio, you become lazy. This album is the reason I do not have professional equipment and have to overcome technical issues with creativity. The truth is: you don’t put the effort in if you are not passionate about what you are trying to achieve.

2. Bathory — Blood Fire Death
1988 Under One Flag

Was the first Bathory album I listened to. I remember reading about Bathory in a Finnish magazine, and they used the Blood Fire Death “band” photo on the article. The absurd photo of three half-naked, skinny men holding swords on a mountainside, plus the imagery of their album covers and the elusive answers Quorthon gave, intrigued me enough to instantly go to a local record store and demand them to order the 13-year old me a copy of Blood Fire Death. I never dreamt that music could be so moving. To make you shiver to your bone at times and make your blood boil at others. I was thoroughly moved. From the haunting and ominous soundscapes of “Odens Ride over Nordland” to the last bombastic hits of “Blood Fire Death” and the eerie howl of the outro, I think I held my breath the whole time. I still do.

1. Bathory — Hammerheart
1990 Noise Records

I was a very tired and anxious young man. Hammerheart has always been the most uplifting and healing medicine I’ve ever had. Its heaviness remains unchallenged to this day; it is hugely influential in the groundbreaking multitrack vocals, arrangements, and sound effects. However, these are all merely effects. Underneath all the studio trickery remain solid and honest heavy rock songs that are larger than life. If Hammerheart was played on acoustic guitar and only one vocal track, it would still bring mountains down.

For changing my life: Twilight of the Gods for the heaviness, Requiem for the intense and harsh guitar playing, Blood on Ice for all those cleverly disguised pop songs, Nordland I & II for just being there for me, Bathory’s Scandinavian Metal Attack participation, and the Jubileum albums for all the special and unreleased tracks. To a lesser extent but to some extent still, I would like to thank Octagon and Destroyer of Worlds. Maybe the half-hearted productions and rushed songwriting are a part of what happened there.

** Havukruunu’s excellent new album, Uinuos Syömein Sota, is out now on German-originated (but now operating out of Finland) indie Naturmacht Productions. Physical versions are sold the fuck out, but Naturmacht Productions are currently in repress mode. In the meantime, hit up Havukruunu’s Bandcamp site to listen and buy digital copies (HERE) with your shirt off and your, uh, sword out! Like Quorthon, of course.

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HATEBREED Share “Cling To Life”


With their latest album Weight of the False Self out now Hatebreed again prove it was worth the wait with new single “Cling To Life”.


After the universal praise heaped on previous singles “Instinctive (Slaughterlust)” and title track “Weight of the False Self”, maintain their footing with “Cling to Life”.

The band themselves have called Weight of the False self the perfect representation of Hatebreed in 2020 with another outstanding album full of angst, anger and ferocious energy.

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EPICA Release Second Single “Freedom – The Wolves Within”


Symphonic metal masters Epica have revealed their next album Omega will be released on February 26, 2021, via Nuclear Blast.


Omega will be the first studio album from Epica in five years and has already spawned the single “Abyss of Time”.


They return with the second track from the album, “Freedom – The Wolves Within” which can be viewed below:



Pre-order Omega here

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Swedish outfit the Night Flight Orchestra have embraced the Christmas spirit with the release of “Paper Moon”.


A band statement reads: “So, just in time for the Christmas Holidays, The Night Flight Orchestra are releasing their new single ‘Paper Moon’. A moody Swedish melodrama over an enticing discobeat, the song is about all those emotions that you usually are able to repress, but which come bubbling up to the surface whenever sentimental times like Christmas are approaching.

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The Pretty Reckless have announced their latest album Death By Rock And Roll will be released on February 12 next year via Century Media Records.


After already releasing the title track, The Pretty Reckless have now put out the second single from the album “25”.


Watch “25” below:



Pre-order Death By Rock And Roll HERE

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