Album Premiere: Sarcator – Sarcator

Scandinavian defenders of the faith Sarcator burst onto the scene last year with two rapid-fire EPs, but it was Visions of Purgatory compilation of those two 2019 EPs, released courtesy of Redefining Darkness, that gave metalheads around the world the official heads up on these beyond-promising, straight-up-threatening young rippers. Now the Swedish quartet, whose age range is 16 – 21, return with an 11-track debut full-length that slashes, stabs, impales and burns like an extreme metal highlight reel. 

“When it comes to debut albums it usually ends up as a result of all the bands that you’ve been influenced by. And it is the same with us!” Sarcator say. “Musically we are heavily influenced by the great thrash bands of Germany and the old school black thrash bands of South America! From our point of view, we are of course proud of what we have created in these 2 years of Sarcator and it will be awesome to spread it out so you all can hear it! As I mentioned with our musical influences it is going to be a fast thrashing debut, with a bit of our touch added to it! Expect some variation and new elements added to our sound in the future, because we are already at the rehearsal place creating new shit! Thanks to Decibel for this opportunity!”


Sarcator by SARCATOR

Get Sarcator on CD and 12” vinyl from Redefining Darkness.

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