Where they from?
Tijuana, Mexico. I went to college in Long Beach for a few years and one time one of my friends asked me if I wanted to go to Tijuana for the weekend and I said “no.” I kind of have regretted it ever since but he did end up getting herpes on that trip, so I guess we can call it a draw.

Why the hype?
I have seriously loved this band for almost a year now and despite having covered them in last year’s “powerviolence round up” edition of Blast Worship, I truly felt that they deserved a write-up exclusively dedicated to them and them only. It’s one thing to have a unique setup for your band, in this case being that they have three bass players and no guitarists, but it’s another thing entirely to capitalize on such a setup and make music that has such an incredibly unique vibe that still manages to scratch that fastcore itch.

Every musical element of this band is perfect: the molten lava bass tone, the kinetic drumming and especially the vocals, which for me carry the entire thing with it’s raw brutality that avoids cartoonishness in favor of sounding like the dude from Tragedy coming down off of a robotrip. All of which is coated heavily in a thick molasses of a truly punk-as-fuck attitude. Listening to this music I get the impression that the people in this band aren’t making music for people to enjoy as much as they are just trying to piss people off, which ironically is very enjoyable.

Latest Release?
FUCK YOU. JUST DIE. The band already proved their mastery around the fastcore formula with last year’s wonderfully titled NOW THAT’S WHAT I CALL HONG KONG FUCK YOU’S GREATEST HITS VOL. 69 (which features probably my favorite pogo beat of all time on ‘GIVE ME THE KEYS’) but on their latest EP they have demonstrated that they are also comfortable delving into subterranean sludge territory such as on the ending of album closer ‘PIG HALO.’ Seriously it approaches like early Floor levels. This is the kind of sludge the dudes in Weekend Nachos only dream of. I cannot recommend this band enough.


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