Full Album Stream: Johansson & Speckmann – “The Germs Of Circumstance”

Death metal’s most prolific duo is back for another round of Johansson & Speckmann. Led by Master frontman Paul Speckmann and ultra-prolific guitarist Rogga Johansson (Master, Paganizer, et al), Johansson & Speckmann’s fifth album in seven years is a solid wall of crusty death metal played by masters of the genre.

The Germs of Circumstances plays to its strengths, eschewing melodies and complex song structures for simplicity, serving up a collection of classic-sounding death metal that never has time to drag with its sub-half-hour runtime. That’s not particularly surprising given how many death metal records Johansson & Speckmann the individuals have appeared on over the last few years.

Johansson & Speckmann are all set to let the Germs of Circumstance infect the public on October 9, but you can hear it early right now. Pre-orders are available here.


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