Album Premiere: Repuked – Dawn of Reintoxication

Back in August we premiered the powerful display of vulgarity that is Repuked’s video for “Shitfister,” the lead single from their forthcoming third album Dawn of Reintoxication, and now we have the pleasure of bringing our readers the full, 12-track album from the Swedish death metal quartet.

One of the raunchiest, filthiest death metal records that will befoul the underground death metal scene this year, Repuked’s third offering simply plows through its fifty minutes running time with skullcrushing buzzsaw riffs, depraved vocals and inhumanly violent drumming. Recorded, mixed and mastered in March and April of this year at Wing Studio by Sverker Widgren and Repuked themselves, and with an insanely-realized nightmarish album cover by Necromaniac Artworks, Dawn of Reintoxication is a triumph of obscene and perverted death metal—out Monday on Soulseller Records

Repuked advises our readers to, “Chill out, kick back and just be lazy. Listen to our new album. Drink a couple hundred beers. Smoke an occasional cigar. Change sex, fuck around, then get divorced. Relax your sphincters and hail Satan. Satan is good, Satan is your pal.”

Dawn of Reintoxication

Get Dawn of Reintoxication this Friday from Soulseller Records.

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