Track Premiere: NiteSoil – ‘D.S.I.T.S.’

Pyrrhon’s Doug Moore stayed busy this year. In addition to completing albums with Pyrrhon and Glorious Depravity—due out later this year on Translation Loss—Moore is featured on “D.S.I.T.S.,” a brand-new song from brand-new death metal duo NiteSoil. Comprised of Frank Godla (Metal Injection, Meek is Murder) and Nick Emde (Contracult Collective, White Widows Pact), the duo’s debut EP, Abusement Park, features a variety of guest vocalists including Moore, The Black Dahlia Murder’s Trevor Strnad and Revocation’s Dave Davidson.

“D.S.I.T.S.” delivers brutal, simplistic death metal but Moore’s lyrics are a little less serious than his usual offerings.

“When they hit me up about contributing to this project, they challenged me to write the dumbest lyrics I’d ever written in my life,” Moore explains. “It was the dead of winter at the time and seasonal music of all kinds is insanely dumb, so I decided to write a seasonal winter song. On the day of the recording session, I gave myself about 20 minutes to put the lyrics together and found myself looking out the window. There are a lot of dogs in my neighborhood and, well, inspiration struck just as nature called. Challenge conquered!”

NiteSoil is a fun project, but it has a serious side. In honor of Godla’s father, who passed away from cancer earlier this year, NiteSoil are donated proceeds from Abusement Park to the Cancer Research Institute.

“Cancer is something that affects nearly every family in the world including ours, but some are so much worse than others simply due to lack of research, understanding, and awareness,” Godla tells Decibel. “Humans tend to think ‘that sucks but it’ll never happen around me’ until it does.

“My father passed away in my arms two months ago from pancreatic cancer, and the entire experience from his diagnosis to his death, has been the most life-shattering experience I’ve ever lived through. I’m still trying my best to find the strength to get out of bed every day. Sadly, 57,000 individuals in the U.S. are diagnosed with this same cancer each year, and doctors are still clueless about how to find it, or treat it. In a time we’re seeing great results from certain cancers like breast and testicular, there are many more that continue to get worse, and the life expectancy shorter.

“Cancer as a whole is something that doesn’t discriminate. Rich, poor, homeless, famous, young, old, actor or plumber, it’s a real epidemic we don’t want to think about, but is very much a part of everyone’s life in some way. We chose to support the Cancer Research Institute because they’re a great non-profit that’s transparent about their donations, and works with ALL cancers affecting families out there.”

With that in mind, listen to “D.S.I.T.S.” below and head to Bandcamp to grab Abusement Park, out on November 6. Read more about Cancer Research Institute here.

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