Video Premiere: Malfet – “The Sadness of Her Might”

Amidst the dungeon synth boom of recent times, the so-called Ill-Made Knight behind the California-based project Malfet has come to stand as a consistent conjurer of next-level pastoral dungeon synth. Few acts hold as much focus, creativity and thoroughness therein as Malfet, not to mention that certain something that touches the very core of a person—the way a melody resolves, or simply the tone of a sustained chord. Malfet possesses these characteristics, what’s more they wield these spells with a masterful restraint, as if their true powers would blind us. 

Case in point, behold Malfet’s brand-new music video. “The Sadness of Her Might” according to the Ill-Made Knight behind Malfet, “draws its title from the Romantic poet John Keats, whose ‘Ode on Melancholy’ meditates on a law of opposition in all things: the most exquisite apices of joy may not be appreciated without the prior experience of sorrow in equal measure. This theme remains prominent throughout Malfet’s new record, which is meant as both a solemn tribute to lost friends and a celebration of happy memories shared. This video was filmed over a weekend spent in the Ventana wilderness, in sweltering arid heat on the banks of a river that is truly sacred to us. It is a simple story, and a simple homage, a simple attempt to mythologize and honor the small tragedies we share with all who have had to say goodbye … Their names are not writ in water.”

Starring and directed by Malfet, this is a video for a song from Malfet’s forthcoming third album Alban Arthan. With cinematography and editing from Derek Schultz, and co-starring Rebecca Appling as “The Damosel” and Patrick Spain as “The Laird,” it is our pleasure to host the premiere of “The Sadness of Her Might.”

“The Sadness of Her Might”

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Orders start tomorrow October 2 at 1 PM EST. A special edition vinyl LP will come later this year from Expansion Abyss.

Dungeon Skirmish V Saturday, October 17, 8PM EST 

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