Blast Worship: Soil of Ignorance

Where they from?
Trois-Rivieres, Quebec. “Trois-Rivieres” translates to English as “three rivers” because it has three separate rivers running through it. Trois-Rivieres is famous for many things, most notably that it sits upon three rivers, which led to it’s name Trois-Rivieres, which translated from French literally means “three rivers.” Fun fact: this town sits upon three rivers, which coincidentally led to the town’s name, Trois-Rivieres, which translated from French literally means “three Rivers.” Three separate rivers run through the city, thus leading to it’s name… Trois-Rivieres.

Why the hype?
This band has been putting around on my periphery for a while now having put out split with Pizza Hi-Five, Endless Demise and the almighty WADGE but it wasn’t really until this past week that I sat down and gave one of their full lengths a proper listen, and man, am I glad I did. This is good ol’ fashioned grindcore at it’s most primitive and effective. Soil of Ignorance operate well within the realm of grind in which From Enslavement to Obliteration is held as the highest standard: overblown, dirty and political but with just enough songwriting variation to keep the heads a-banging. If your idea of grindcore is less camo shorts and clean production and more crust punks fighting in a public park over a can of Chef Boyardee, than I think this band might just be for you.

Latest Release?
Stop the Madness. It feels oddly earnest for a band to put out such a genuinely political grindcore record right now, especially one that focuses more on the classic metal themes of corporatocracy and environmental destruction than on social issues and identity politics, but here we are. I also really appreciate how there just seems to be a nuclear shroud over everything, beginning with the opening feedback shards of “Stop the Madness!” to the hazy southern swagger of album closer “Ablaze in the Southern Sky.” Climate scientists say that humanity might only have 50 years left on this planet before it’s made inhabitable by pollution and if that’s the case, then I think we may have just found the soundtrack for that prolonged collapse of humanity into global extinction.

Stop The Madness by Soil Of Ignorance

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