Track Premiere: Tombs – ‘Bone Furnace’

Decibel has long appreciated Brooklyn black metal outfit Tombs, even awarding 2011’s The Path of Totality an album of the year nod. 9 years and three albums later, the band continue on with fifth full-length Under Sullen Skies. Expanding upon their ability to blend refined, aggressive black metal with melodic post-metal, songs like “Bone Furnace”—which can be streamed right here—showcase the band’s ability to write memorable tunes.

Immediately launching with blast beats and vocalist Mike Hill’s roar before settling into a mid-paced, head-bobbing groove, Tombs establish an intense but thoughtful atmosphere—this isn’t black metal to hail demonic forces, nor is it post-metal to casually relax to. Hill and lead guitarist Matt Medeiros are practically riff factories, presenting ideas that flow into each other and held together with an atmosphere that is dark and spacey.

Under Sullen Skies is another essential entry into the Tombs canon and “Bone Furnace” shows exactly why. Listen to it below and pre-order the new album via Season of Mist.

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