Track Premiere: Undeath – ‘Acidic Twilight Visions’

Undeath love dying and they love being dead. The US death metal band spent 2019 bouncing around the underground, releasing two demos, a a split, a comp and even a VHS tape. Now, their debut album, Lesions of a Different Kind, is coming out on Prosthetic next month and Decibel has their brand new video for “Acidic Twilight Visions.”

It’s pure death metal worship, pulling inspiration from genre forefathers like Incantation, Cannibal Corpse and Demlich, plus newer bands like Tomb Mold. It’s a pretty simple formula, but an effective one: instead of reinventing the wheel, Undeath beat the listener over the head with the old one.

“‘Acidic Twilight Visions’ closes out the first half of Lesions of a Different Kind, and it’s one of our favorite songs on the record,” vocalist Alexander Joseph explains. “It’s catchy as hell and it’s built around a couple of nasty, driving riffs, while settling nicely among the album’s faster, more breakneck songs as well as its mid-paced crushers. Just make sure you have your life insurance policy in order before that ending hits—it’s guaranteed to blow your head clean off.”

Listen to “Acidic Twilight Visions” below and watch the video from Chariot of the Black Moth. Lesions of a Different Kind is out October 23 on Prosthetic.

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