Album Premiere: Transcendence LA ‘Towards Obscurities Beyond’

California-based thrashing blackened death metallers Transcendence — officially Transcendence LA — have been at their stunning debut, Towards Obscurities Beyond, for quite a while now. Formed in 2013 by Miguel Perez (guitars) and Tom Patmore (vocals), Transcendence have, over the past seven years, buttressed their lineup by including Michael Alvarez (guitars), Richard Guerrero (drums), and Chris Gonzalez (bass). Together, they’ve honed in on a sound that recalls the more nightmarish sides of Swedes Necrophobic and Dissection, while stamping their own fingerprint on otherwise Nordic-inspired blackened death metal.

Indeed, Towards Obscurities Beyond, with its fitting Adam Burke cover art, spears into the side of normality. Tracks like opener “Infernal Resurrection,” “As the Maggots Feast,” “Ravens of the Burial,” and closer “In Silent Procession” show Transcendence’s maturity, focus (on evilly good note combos), and musicianship. This isn’t your normal middling blackened death. Rather, Transcendence have come off their debut inspired, informed, and primed to kill.

Say Transcendence LA to Decibel: “After much anticipation and delays the blasphemies of our work on this release are about to be bestowed upon you in it’s utmost hellish glory. Paying homage to the great Scandinavian creators of this dark art, we invite you to travel with us through the darkest depths of the abyss to reap the rewards that will soon come. Furthermore, we would like to extend our gratitude to Blood Harvest Records for helping us make this a reality and invite anyone interested in booking us for shows/tours to email us at”

Decibel and Transcendence are hereby excited to stream Towards Obscurities Beyond in its entirety. Let the hell-hot winds of fiery California blow…

Towards Obscurities Beyond by TRANSCENDENCE

** Transcendence LA’s new album, Towards Obscurities Beyond, is out September 25th on cult Swedish indie Blood Harvest. Available from Blood Harvest on CD, LP, or cassette, pre-orders are live (HERE) and willing!

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