Exclusive Premiere: Carnal Ruin – ‘The Damned Lie Rotting’

The Tampa, Florida-based quartet calling themselves Carnal Ruin released their demo in 2018. Titled Immortal Domain, Carnal Ruin’s 4-song demo introduced the underground to some fresh buzzsaw mania courtesy of some blood-eager Floridian rippers. Their follow-up effort, 2019’s Gnosis of the Dead demo, cemented the band as capable purveyors of the Swedish sound. 

Now on their latest EP, The Damned Lie Rotting, Carnal Ruin strike the ultimate balance between inspiration and instinct. Without a doubt these four songs represent Carnal Ruin’s paramount material thus far. Coming October 23rd from Redefining Darkness, stream Carnal Ruin’s The Damned Lie Rotting in full below. 

“With this release we had some new members come on board which changed our writing process pretty significantly,” the band says. “For Damned… we were able to spend more time focusing on song structure and really planning things out—and we also wanted to incorporate more melodicism and harmony while still maintaining filthy buzzsaw aggression of course! […] When writing these songs, we once again channeled influence from a lot of the Swedish DM gods—Edge of Sanity, Grave, Vomitory, and early Hypocrisy, just to name a few, however, we do also like to incorporate material that we feel pays homage to our Tampa roots. With this release we definitely feel that we are giving listeners not only an introduction to a new sound from us as a band, but also where we intend to head in the future.”

The Damned Lie Rotting

The Damned Lie Rotting by Carnal Ruin

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Redefining Darkness 


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