Blast Worship: Pyosisified

Where they from?
More like where SHE from, and she is very much from Houston, Texas. Did you know that most of Robocop was shot in Houston? Yeah, that’s right, a movie about a killer cyborg that takes place in a dystopian bleak hellscape of Detroit was actually filmed in Houston. That’s pretty bad. That’s like if the next Star Wars movie took place on a planet made of garbage and they filmed the whole thing in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Wow, I can’t believe how realistic of a scenario that is.

Why the hype?
One-person goregrind bands — let’s talk about. Most of the time these things are a disaster! Especially if there’s a drum machine involved, FORGET ABOUT IT! It’s like, how do you fuck up blast beats when you literally have a COMPUTER PROGRAM that can make drum beats FASTER THAN ANY HUMAN COULD?!

But not Pyosisified. Someone definitely got an A+ in their Agoraphobic Nosebleed course because the blasts here are quite face-melting, at times even broaching the ferocious territory of those Midwest hyper gore blast bands like Sulfuric Cautery and Deterioration. As with most gore-leaning grind, it lives or dies by the vocals and Bridget does not disappoint here, delivering a powerful performance that to me sounds brutal and eviscerating as fuck but something your stepmom would probably describe as “LIKE AN ELK BEING CUT IN HALF BY A CHAINSAW!”

Latest release?
Demo from 2020. I did not realize until about halfway through listening that this is a GUITARLESS musical project, which is fine since I think the bass tone is nailed so perfectly here, a difficult thing to accomplish in the world of grind (see: Napalm Death’s Scum for further reading). 2020 has seen society move past the need for a lot of the luxuries of the past, is guitar one of them? I say yes. From now on I want to go to Sam Ash and just see an endless line of people shredding bass and keyboard and the occasional sax and that’s it. SAY NO TO SIX STRINGS!

Demo by Pyosisified

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