Track Premiere: Thevetat – “Statues in Mourning”

Helmed by fallen death/doom monument Ceremonium’s Thomas Pioli, Thevetat formed in 2011 and released their demonic and crushing demo a year later. In 2015, Dark Descent put out their mandatory Desecration of Divine Presence 7-inch, and that was the last we’ve heard from the Staten Island old school death metallers—until now. 

“Statues in Mourning” is an unreleased track, recorded with Thevetat’s former drummer, John Mischling. Whether this indicates that more Thevetat material is on the way remains to be seen. For now, let’s be thankful for more Thevetat material. 

“I think I heard these words as enchanted time and it is meaningful to music in any form. I think good songs write themselves. It shows up more or less. And yet the band is me again, when creativity sparked but it was great to revisit. We collectively feel the truth of the title despite global pandemic. So I tear it up! Definitely want to get this song to maniacs everywhere!”

“Statues in Mourning”

Statues in Mourning by Thevetat

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