Track Premiere: Void Prayer – “L’Appel du Vide”

Born almost out of some kind of accursed necessity, Void Prayer (once known as Cave Ritual) brings together some of the most prolific and influential black metal artists of the Eastern European underground. Looking at their roster, both past and current, the idea of the band as an entity unto itself begins to shape itself in your mind. As if some subliminal howling heard only by upper echelon black metallers unites these various players so that they may transmute and convey the dark message of the Void. 

Today we’re psyched to bring our readers this exclusive premiere of the latest single from The Grandiose Return to the Void, Void Prayer’s deeply anticipated sophomore album—out this month from Black Gangrene and Altare Productions. This is “L’Appel du Vide.”

“In an attempt to describe the meaning of a musical piece, words are like a shadow play,” the band writes. “They can only outline postures and movements in a very crude and rigid way. Lyrics can hold an immense amount of power and may be the means of a justified description. However, in this case, to reveal the lyrics would mean to divide an ensemble of contextual unity. Besides, without a musical context present at all times, words would become merely assertive speech expressed in metaphors that, most likely, no one will ever understand.

„The Grandiose Return to the Void“ is exactly what the title proclaims.”

“L’Appel du Vide”

Black Gangrene

Altare Productions

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