ICE NINE KILLS To Release Live Album

Ice Nine Kills have revealed plans for a live album I Heard They Kill Live, which will be out October 30 via Fearless Records/Caroline Australia.

To celebrate the band will be performing a live-streamed concert in partnership with Destroy All Lines on the day of the release at 12 pm AEDT.

The album features 19 songs recorded from The Worcester Palladium last year.

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OPAL OCEAN “The Hadal Zone”

Words by Andy Parkinson

Don’t think it’s possible to deliver a crushing progressive metal concept album using only two acoustic guitars?

That’s most likely because you’re yet to discover Opal Ocean‘s latest album, The Hadal Zone.

The dreaded sophomore album is sometimes what can make or break a band. With a lifetime of work and inspiration poured into a debut LP, some artists can sometimes struggle to back it up with an album that’s worthy of following its predecessor.

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RESIDE Dust Themselves Off

With the release of their latest single “Fallen”, Reside vocalist Liam Guinane sits down with HEAVY to discuss the song and happenings within the band.

“The song that originally was the idea for “Fallen” was just a little voice number that I had recorded shortly after the last record The Light That You Saw,” he explained. “I was playing around with this sound that was halfway between what we’ve already done versus where we’re going with the batch of songs that we’re currently putting together.

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No Corporate Beer Reviews: El Cuatro

Beer: El Cuatro
Brewery: The Ale Apothecary (Bend, OR)
Style: American Wild Ale
11.16% ABV / N/A IBU

El Cuatro is not one single formulation, but a series of wild ales brewed with wildflower honey, each with subtle variations in color, character and, perhaps more importantly, alcohol content. El Cuatro has been getting progressively boozier since The Ale Apothecary introduced it—early versions of this American wild ale hovered in the 8.5% ABV range, while the newest batches (the label will specify bottling date and alcohol content) clock in between 10-11% ABV. This is not a bad thing.

El Cuatro pours a translucent caramel color akin to a Brown Ale, with little carbonation and a quickly dissipating head. It sis sweet and dry like a dessert wine, and can be enjoyed in a stem glass, as a before-dinner accompaniment to cheese and crackers or as an aperitif. What’s radical about El Cuatro is that you can taste and experience every element of the brew—the Oregon barley malt and the wildflower honey are particularly prominent, but you also get lactic sourness from the mixed culture (lactobacillus and brettanomyces) fermentation.

Like a lot of American wild ales, El Cuatro shifts its shape through bottle-conditioning. You’ll want to buy two bottles, so you can drink one immediately and cellar the other for a couple of years to really draw out the funkiness. To bring a little joy to my quarantine routine, I cracked open an El Cuatro that had been bottled nine months prior—the smell imparted by the Pinot Noir wine barrels, where the wild ale is aged before being finished in brandy barrels, was particularly intoxicating. El Cuatro is sweet but not cloying, and sour but not bracing—sugar and spice and everything nice in one bottle.

For more info, check out The Ale Apothecary here.

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For Those About to Squawk: Waldo Pecks on Pallbearer and Old Mother Hell

What’s up, guys? It’s that time again. There’s still some good birdshit coming out this go ‘round. Read on and see.

On their fourth record, American doomsters Pallbearer hit us with their most “metal” effort in years, Forgotten Days. This is doom, no doubt, but to succinctly pigeonhole this is a little tough. The best way to describe this record is “vintage doom”, and although it has a more retro feel, it is most definitely Pallbearer. Coming off of 2017’s Heartless, which was mostly a rock record, this feels more classic Pallbearer. Harkening back to their first record, there are some slight differences here. In general, there is a more expanded and classical vibe on this, and there are more synths than on previous efforts. The riffs here are memorable and even though this is a SLOW record, it never comes across as being pedantic or super repetitive. Admittedly, the band stated that they wrote songs so that the audience could really dig into the overall vibe and just kind of get into it. There are a ton of doom bands floating around out there, and on Forgotten Days, Pallbearer channel their inner Black Sabbath with a healthy dose of Pink Floyd thrown in. Well done. 8 Fucking Pecks.

Where do these bands get these names? Sticking with the “doom” theme here, well more of a “trad metal mixed with doom” theme. Old Mother Hell are releasing Lord of Demise on Cruz Del Sur. This has a Cirith Ungol vibe, moving from some “death doom” stuff to more traditional heavy metal. What REALLY sticks out to me here is that this doesn’t come across as some new jack kids trying to ape a sound. There’s a genuine spirit and overall feel here that makes it feel “real.” My big hang up with this is I feel that the vocals are a little hard to get past. You know, that kinda soaring vocals that can only really be done by certain people. This record isn’t bad; in fact, it’s pretty good. The only issue is—and it’s a serious one—it’s mostly forgettable. I dig it, and may even give it another spin or two, but it’s not cracking any end-of-the-year lists. 6 Fucking Pecks.


Until next time… Waldo out!



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Track Premiere: Perdition Sect – “Plague of Incompetence”

The cursed year of 2020 continues challenging musicians to find ways to create and collaborate during a pandemic. For many it’s a painful reckoning. For others, it’s an opportunity to pursue ideas that may never have manifested. D-beat supergroup Perdition Sect was one such project spawned from plagueland restlessness. The worst of the virus was still ahead back on March 2nd. But after seeing The Obsessed play in Cleveland, Aaron Dallison (Keelhaul, Brian Tentacles, Axioma) and Matt Sorg (Ringworm, Shed the Skin) envisioned Perdition Sect’s feral fury. Along with drummer Kyle Severn (Incantation, Shed the Skin) and bassist Mike Lare (Ringworm), the members pictured Discharge blasting during a societal collapse. Seeing Red Records was kind enough to share Perdition Sect’s End Times debut with Decibel early so we could have our perfect soundtrack for a nuclear winter.

“Plague of Incompetence” is the first End Times single, and it’s a suitably ominous intro to the band’s fanged D-beat attack. Lare’s bass crawls from clean guitar notes like fog sweeping across an industrial hellscape. Once Severn’s drum roll explodes, the shrapnel could demolish anyone in the circle pit’s blast radius. Perdition Sect’s gang shouts and blistering riffs reimagine Discharge and Napalm Death’s seminal savagery creeping from Rust Belt factories. At the intersection of shamelessly heavy punk rock and metal, End Times spits venom from Dallison’s first snarl. This song is just one taste before the album’s release on December 11th, so brace your crusty ears. Perdition Sect has more in store for foaming-mouth mutants like you and me in the dark days ahead.

“Incompetence runs rampant in today’s society,” comments Perdition Sect vocalist/guitarist Aaron Dallison. “Mass quantities of people seem incapable of caring and/or executing simple tasks, and it is extremely prevalent in the people who lead us. In this regard we as a whole sit back and complacently watch it as if it is entertainment.”

Take a break from slacking off and listen to Perdition Sect’s first single below. Stretch your spine and get ready for whiplash before Seeing Red Records releases End Times on December 11th.


Pre-order Perdition Sect’s End Times from Seeing Red Records HERE

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Track Premiere: Bloodsoaked Necrovoid – “Inescapable Transference of Profane Malignity”

After releasing two back-to-back demos of not so much jaw-dropping as jaw-ripping-off death-doom tumult on Caligari Records in 2018, the Costa Rican duo Bloodsoaked Necrovoid continued their violent takeover of the global death metal underground with a Total Death Over Mexico-exclusive promo tape and a split with German death metallers Ratlord. 

Now Iron Bonehead will release the debut full-length from Bloodsoaked Necrovoid on CD and 12” vinyl LP this November. Expelled into the Unknown Depths of the Unfathomable counts six new tracks of abyssal and doomed death metal horror. Today we present an exclusive premiere of “Inescapable Transference of Profane Malignity,” the fourth track from the debut albm by Bloodsoaked Necrovoid.   

The band says, “On this one, we went in more aggressive and cosmic sounding, with OSDM based riffs and D-beats that lead to a painfully slow meditative passage, pulling you back to a violent caveman riff finish.”

“Inescapable Transference of Profane Malignity”

Get Expelled into the Unknown Depths of the Unfathomable November 6 from Iron Bonehead.

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THE SCREAMING JETS Rework Classic Tunes on “Bitter Pill”

Australian iconic rock band The Screaming Jets refused to let COVID impact their plans to put out new music this year, with the band deciding instead to rework and re-record five of their classic tunes and assemble them on one E.P. Favourites “Helping Hand”, “Shivers” “Sad Song”, “Friend of Mine” and “October Grey” have all received special treatment and are out now neatly packaged under the moniker Bitter Pill.

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Brisbane Readies For New Live Music Venue

Amid the current world climate where live music venues are finding it increasingly more difficult to even survive, it is refreshing to discover that a new venue hosting live music is planning to open its doors.

West Room Brisbane is located above the iconic Archive Beer Boutique and nestled in Brisbane’s creative hub of West End and plans to cater to many genres of music, particularly
indie, rock and heavy music with a focus on weekend touring acts and weeknight grassroots gigs.

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WRECK-DEFY Drop Single “Drowning In Darkness”

Wreck-Defy have released their third single “Drowning In Darkness” from their latest album Powers That Be which is out digitally now.

The album will also be available as vinyl via Doc Gator Records in Switzerland.

Physical copies will be released on November 27th via Italian record label Punishment 18.

Watch “Drowning In Darkness” below:

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