THEREIN Reign In The Chaos

Brisbane’s Therein are ramping up the volume ahead of their October 31 release of Aramitama with second single “The Crawling Chaos”.

The song is a rollercoaster of riffs punctuated by breakneck changes and chaotic madness that reflect the sense of uneasiness created by a person spiralling out of control.

Listen to “The Crawling Chaos” below:

Pre-order Aramitama here: aramitama




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EVANDALE Release “Little Sista”

Evandale have released another single from their upcoming album All or Nothing.

Following on from “The Storm” comes “Little Sista”, a hard-driving slab of guitar drenched rock with three-part harmonies fuelled by a twin guitar assault.

Check out the video for “Little Sista” below:

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The Amity Affliction have shared two B sides from their latest album Everyone Loves You… Once You Leave Them.

“Midnight Train” and “Don’t Wade In The Water” are both deeply personal offerings from the band and expand upon the themes prevalent on the album.

Listen to “Midnight Train” and “Don’t Wade In The Water” here


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Crowbar And Unified Team Up For Music And Wine Collaboration

Crowbar and UNIFIED Music Group are proud to announce their collaborative music and wine project and online store Built To Spill Wine.

The launch comes alongside the release of the brand’s first artist team up, a unique goon in collaboration with none other than The Chats.

After years of friendship, mutual business, shows and spilled drinks shared between them, each company is bringing their penchant for music and drink together in the form of an online store.

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Video Premiere: Soothing – ‘Used X’

Black metal and crust go together like chocolate and peanut better in those delicious Reece’s pumpkins, a delicious combination that should be celebrated for all of time. Enter Soothing, a new blackened crust duo with membership that’s done time in Trash Talk, Alpha & Omega, A Storm of Light and Sinking Ships. Their latest offering, a video for the song “Used X” off of an upcoming lathe-cut EP, is a nasty, crusty slice of winter.

Aided by visuals of burning and crumbling churches, buzzards and bugs and other unsettling video clips, “Used X” moves at a steady mid pace, drawing its atmosphere from lo-fi production and cigarette-eater vocals.

“In times of chaos and uncertainty, creative expression is essential,” Soothing explain to Decibel. “When all else fails, screaming over blown-out guitars and blaring drums feels like a proper announcement of built-up frustration. ‘Used X’ is an observation based on convictions being used for public gain. In a world where it’s really easy to pretend to be somebody else, being unapologetically yourself is a dying mindset. Why be something you’re not? Forward ever, backwards never.”

Watch the video for “Used X” below and keep an eye on Anybody’s Flowers to score a copy of the EP when it releases.

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Track Premiere: Shaidar Logoth – “Anguish Cradle”

Warlockery and a deep hatred for mankind have brought forth USBM pact Shaidar Logoth’s third full-length work, Chapter III: The Void God. In the decade since their first tape, the cult Chapter I: The Peddler, these Minnesotan accomplices to the apocalypse have grown from humble initiates into the dark realm to—as exhibited on their third chapter—final-form phantomlords capable of destruction on a massive scale. 

“We wanted to complete the story both lyrically and musically,” writes the band. “The Peddler has been summoned as The Void God through dark ritual, and has decided to destroy the world and remake it in his image. The record explores the destructive and creative aspects of chaos, and is meant to sound like it’s sort of coming apart at the seams.” They continue, “Although it was primarily written and recorded 2 years ago, it couldn’t have come out at a more appropriate time. Sometimes you just need to tear everything down.”

Today we assist Shaidar Logoth in unveiling “Anguish Cradle,” the latest single from Chapter III: The Void God the third and final installment in their trilogy. Over three years in the making, Shaidar Logoth’s third album enfolds four epic tracks into one earth-shattering experience. From the eye of that chaos, this is “Anguish Cradle.”

Quote Shaidar Logoth: “When there is nothing of redeeming value, when all that’s left is malevolence and bitterness and woe, the only thing to do is to damn it all to the void and start over from scratch.”

“Anguish Cradle”

Preorder Chapter III: The Void God from Sentient Ruin today

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Full EP Premiere: WAKE – ‘Confluence’

Canadian revelations WAKE have already done their part to distract us from the plague. Back in March they released their monstrous Devouring Ruin LP. Less than seventh months later, WAKE stir from their brief slumber with a new EP. Brimming with creativity and carnage, you can stream Confluence below before it’s released from Translation Loss Records.

“Disparity and Chaos” opens Confluence with an 11+ minute composition bridging widescreen black metal and post-metal. Skyflung lead guitars stab the storm clouds as Kyle Ball snarls through gnashing teeth. After the contemplative opener, “Beyond Empyrean” commences with a pace-changing charge. Josh Bueckert’s limber rhythms add an elusive mystique before the track’s final blasts. The opening death stomps of “Entropic Cascade Failure” return WAKE to the primal pursuits of Misery Rites before the song’s unsettling denouement. The EP is both sprawling and contained; feral and restrained. Confluence feels like WAKE let their curiosity run amok, and that’s by design.

“We feel like the momentum of Devouring Ruin propelled us forward into this record,” the band shares. “We had so many ideas and movements we wanted to work with when we were writing Devouring, and there was just a whole lot of ground we didn’t get to cover. Confluence is our place to carry on with some of the experiments we had composed and flesh them out into something concise. The recording feels like a whirring between two separate dimensions; some kind of clarity and some kind of shifted space. All of us wanted to try a whole bunch of different things and we did our best to blend them together into something still purely forceful, but that will hopefully bring to bear other questions for listeners.”

“The whole idea of this EP was to go out of our comfort zone and try some different things,” vocalist Kyle Ball expands. “This time around, I avoided writing overly personal lyrics; there’s a bit of it sprinkled throughout the album, but not a lot. The concepts on this album are about exploring the boundaries of reality and altered states of consciousness; hypothetically inhabiting these realities causing them to crash within themselves. Confluencemeaning the merger of two or more thingsdirectly plays into the artwork, as well as the lyrical themes. The album title was inspired by the album art, which depicts two realities inhabiting one space through a window or doorway.”

Embrace disparity and chaos by streaming WAKE’s Confluence below.

Confluence by Wake

Pre-order WAKE’s Confluence from Translation Loss Records HERE

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Blast Worship: SkinWalkers

Where they from
Los Angeles, CA. Perhaps you’ve heard of this place, yes? The Lakers just won their record 17th NBA championship and the Dodgers just earned a berth in the World Series, their third appearance in the past four years. God damn, do you know what I would do to have my favorite sports teams even broach that level of success? I mean yeah, the state’s population is woefully under-represented in the senate and the electoral college, but, I mean, come on! THINK OF THE HARDWARE!

Why the hype?
One of the highlights for me last year was seeing BruceXCampbell absolutely destroy a British pub crowd at Chimpy Fest way back in the ethers of a far away land we now call 2019. Even on a stacked lineup that featured heavy hitters like Gets Worse and Despise You, the Brucey boys managed to stand out big time.

So I was delightfully surprised to have come across this one-man side project affiliated with BXC, SkinWalkers. Even though the Bandcamp description claims the project is “crust-grind,” there’s very little of that generic D-beat stuff going on here and a lot more of hyper arhythmic blast beats, very similar in style to New Jersey’s Durian. The only true crust element here is the ratty production, which though rough, fits the music rather well. If you like thick, professional production, this probably won’t be your thing, but if you like your grind to sound like a bunch of rabies-infested rats attacking an electric guitar in your stepdad’s garage, then this just might be the band for you.

Latest release?
Madness of the SkinWalkers. In Navajo terminology, a SkinWalker is a harmful witch who has the ability to disguise themselves in the forms of various animals and such. Apparently it’s hard for people to extrapolate information on the SkinWalker legend since the Navajo people are reluctant to talk about it due to it’s morbid nature. I personally think that just makes it all the more badass. It’s so hard to find anything in the age of the Internet that still has an air of mystery behind it, that when you do it has an allure that nothing else really does…GO DODGERS!

Madness of the SkinWalkers by SkinWalkers

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Black Metal Presence EOS Release First Track From Debut Album

The seeds for EOS were sewn over ten years ago when three stoic forces entwined and began forging The Great Ascension with one vision – to craft an unheard voice with black metal.

Between 2014 and 2018 the metal Gods slowly came together to put their blessing on The Great Ascension and its seven songs of triumph, intensity and conviction.

Lyrically The Great Ascension paints vivid, nightmarish visions of man and his solemn journey through spiritual ecstasy, blood lust and pride.

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KIDS OF YESTERDAY Drop Video For New Single

Sydney punk rockers Kids of Yesterday have dropped new single “Woman of Stars” from their debut album Escape Planet which will be released November 27.

“Woman of Stars” is a softer take on Kids of Yesterday’s normal brand of punk and is more in tune with the sing-a-long style of Frank Turner or Billy Bragg.

Watch “Woman of Stars” below:

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