Five For Friday: June 24, 2022

Greetings, Decibel readers!

This is one of those weeks that’s tailored to all of you. That is to say, it’s mostly death metal, with lots of colorful album covers. There’s lot of growling.

You’ll love it- enjoy!

Chaotian – Effigies of Obsolescence

Crushing, muscular death metal. Denmark’s Chaotian craft an intoxicating blend of dark grimness and frenetic energy. While listening, you feel as if you’re in the middle of a nightmare, but are so exhilarated that maybe you’re the one in charge.

Effigies of Obsolescence by Chaotian

Nightbearer – Ghosts of a Darkness to Come

If HM-2 pedals are more your thing, but want the compositions to lean on the melodic side of the spectrum, you should jam the latest from Nightbearer. Fans of Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time series will appreciate this album as well, as the album’s lyrical themes are culled directly from that world. The riff weaves as the riff does, my friends!

Stream: Apple Music

Nightbearer • Ghosts of a Darkness to Come by Testimony Records

Paganizer – Beyond the Macabre

The latest offering from the Swedish veterans in Paganizer. If you’re familiar with the band, you know what you’re getting yourself into here: straightforward early-90s Swedish death metal, emphasis on Grave.

Stream: Apple Music

Beyond The Macabre (Death Metal) by PAGANIZER

Scumslaught – Knives and Amphetamines

Ripping, cutting, slashing, bleeding! For those of you devoted to thrash at its meanest and dirtiest, France’s Scumslaught has everything you’d need. It’s the kind of music for which you’d imagine live shows would come with a dress code: bullet belts, spikes, leather, the works.

Knives and Amphetamines by SCUMSLAUGHT

Werewolves – From the Cave to the Grave

Pure nihilism and misanthropy. Australia’s Werewolves deliver their blackened death metal with a shiny technical edge, one which seems aimed to cut everyone’s throats.

Stream: Apple Music

From the Cave to the Grave by Werewolves

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Five For Friday: June 17, 2022

Greetings, Decibel readers!

It was a glorious time in Philadelphia last weekend! Those of you who attended the annual Decibel Metal and Beer Fest (the east-coast version) know what I’m talking about. There was a wealth of great metal to be heard, along with the the libations on tap to help you wash it down (I stuck with the mead and gose varieties, as most beer doesn’t, um, agree with me). My own personal highlights included: Cannibal Corpse running like a freight train as always; Nuclear Assault taking us all back to 80s thrash exactly how you’d want to see it; The Red Chord taking me back to the feeling of New England Metal and Hardcore Fest back in the day; Mortiferum delivering me to death-metal elysium at the pre-fest show; and Candlemass. Candlemass requires no explanation.

As for this week’s new releases, I try to give you an explanation below.


Berator – Elysian Inferno

We open this week with the band that opened Decibel Metal and Beer Fest for the pre-fest show. And with such a hellish, punishing sound, Berator were a fitting band to fire the opening shot to a weekend of righteous metal. This is pure, no-nonsense aggression here, executed like a demolition team taking out a mountain range.

Elysian Inferno by Berator

Consecration – Cinis

Death-doom for those of you who like to feel dirty when you crank it up. If you’re into Bolt Thrower but want it to hit you like Autopsy or Runemagick, go and consecrate yourself to this.

Stream: Apple Music

Cinis by Consecration

Esoctrilihum – Consecration of the Spiritüs Flesh

Speaking of consecrations. I, Voidhanger Records is here with its latest blessing of weird, off-putting destruction in the form of new Esoctrilihum album. Fans of the band’s dizzying death metal storm are definitely spoiled with a new release so soon after last year’s fantastic Dy’th Requiem for the Serpent Telepath.

Stream: Apple Music

Consecration of the Spiritüs Flesh by ESOCTRILIHUM

Exanimatvm – Sollvm Ipsa Mor

Sticking with the theme of bands whose names are a pain to type out, Chile’s Exanimatvm delivers four servings of nightmarish death metal mastery on Sollvm Ipsa Mor. In fact, if we judged metal on how scary it is to normies, these guys would post very high numbers.

Stream: Apple Music

Sollvm Ipsa Mor by Exanimatvm

Nekkromaniac – Plague Eater

Fist-pumping, raw, evil thrash metal. Nekkromaniac doesn’t just stitch the riffs and screams together in any old way — they do it with style, with tons of hooks and catchy riffs that make you want to eat the plague over and over again. That made sense, right? Never mind, just listen to this!

Plague Eater – Standard Version by Nekkromaniac

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Five For Friday: June 3, 2022

Greetings, Decibel readers!

I hope this article finds you well. We’ve got another super-brutal set of new releases, with lots of fast, technical, and crushing death metal to serve up for the weekend. I’m particularly excited for a new Origin album, but I know a lot of you will be pumped for Kreator and Artificial Brain as well!


Artificial Brain – Artificial Brain

For those of you who like your brains served scrambled. With their third album in tow, Artificial Brain continue their reign as champions of dizzying, dense death metal. It’s not all blasting, however, as the smoke sometimes clears to reveal the wrecked machinery of grooves and eerie riffs that make the band more than just noise.

Stream: Apple Music

Artificial Brain by ARTIFICIAL BRAIN

Encephalon – Echoes

For those of you looking for an industrial change of pace. Encephalon‘s work of electronic devotion pulls in various sounds reminiscent of the 80s, 90s and 2000s to bring it all up to 2022’s speed. And yes, “The Same Wound” has a bit of “Terrible Lie” to it, doesn’t it? I’m not complaining.

Stream: Apple Music

Echoes by Encephalon

Kreator – Hate Über Alles

For those of you loyal to the flag of hate. Kreator is one of many legendary metal acts that’s found a late-career groove and sticks with it, refining and perfecting the approach with each new album. Hate Über Alles has it all: the speed of the old days, along with the melodic guitar work and barked vocals of the last couple decades.

Stream: Apple Music

Hate Über Alles by Kreator

Origin – Chaosmos

For those of you who, like me, consider Origin the very best tech-death band on the planet. On Chaosmos, the blasting supernova from Kansas remains undefeated. Origin simply dominates on all counts: absolutely ferocious drumming, perfectly-placed sweep picking, and tons of memorable HOOKS. Just listen to the title track to see what I mean about hooks. It’s not enough to make a song really, really, really hard to play. You need to give the listener something to remember and come back to again and again. Paul Ryan and company have always understood this, and continue to show it on this fantastic entry into their cosmic pantheon.

Stream: Apple Music

Sijjeel – Salvation Within Insanity

For those of you who just want to OOOOOOOUUUGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! ::CHUNG:: ::CHUNG:: ::CHUNG:: REEEEEEEERRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!

Salvation Within Insanity by SIJJEEL

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Five For Friday: May 27, 2022

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, Decibel readers!

This week is good for a certain kind of metalhead — one who wants metal to take no prisoners never let the foot off the gas pedal, and eschew all atmospherics for pure punishment. With one doomy exception, this week’s selection is for those who want metal to fulfill all the promises of it’s detractors: “It’s just endless blasting noise! How can you LISTEN to that garbage!?”

Meanwhile here’s all of us:

Besvärjelsen – Atlas

If you need a cool-down from the other material on this list, this Swedish outfits dreamy doom rock is a good way to go. But don’t get me wrong, there’s still tons of power and energy to be found on this record — from the strong riff-work, to the haunting vocals, and the crushing rhythms. The soundtrack to your next haunted road trip.

Stream: Apple Music

Atlas by Besvärjelsen

Brutality – Sempiternity

Ok, now for the brutal stuff. And how fitting that it start with the death metal veterans in Brutality. From our premiere of “Orchestrated Devastation”:

Even this new full-length, however, comes as something of a (possible) swansong. The quintet—Scott Reigel (vocals), Jeff Acres (bass/vocals), Jay Fernandez (guitar), Jarrett Pritchard (guitar) and Ronnie Parmer (drums)—apparently decided to call it quits in late 2020, but were encouraged by Emanzipation Productions to issue one final full-length documenting the last incarnation of Brutality (which may or may not continue on . . .). Four songs recorded live at Maryland Death Fest in 2019 (“These Walls Shall Be Your Grave”, “Cries Of The Forsaken”, “Cryptorium” and “48 To 52”) anchor Sempiternity, and are augmented by two tracks previously issued on a 7″ in 2018 (“Crushed” and “Artistic Butchery”).

Stream: Apple Music

Sempiternity by Brutality

Haserot – Throne of Malice

From our full stream of Throne of Malice:

Haserot are Houston based and they are ’90s death metal devotees who aren’t shy about adding some well-placed melody in their wicked exhortations. Do they have a Texas or, more specifically, a Houston “sound.” Not really, but there’s definitely a bit of groove, and a little Texas swing, to some of the five tracks on their debut EP which may or may not be locale-related. Mostly they just rip it up like not much happened in the death metal world in the last couple of decades. Nothing wrong with that.

Stream: Apple Music

Throne of Malice by HASEROT

Heaving Earth – Darkness of God

Well, they definitely have good taste in song titles. Heaving Earth‘s sound combines portions of tech death with elements of black metal and more off-putting avant-garde arrangements that keep the listener guessing. Regardless of what direction you’re coming from, if you like dissonance and precision in equal measure, you’ll enjoy this.

Darkness of God by HEAVING EARTH

Sensory Amusia – Breed Death

BREE BREE BREEEEEE!!!!! Wake up, man! Inflation, pandemic, war in Europe? Dude what are you talking about? It’s roughly 2008 to 2011, time for some deathcore! Ok ok ok, that’s not fair. Sensory Amusia brings their own unique flair and precision that tech death and slam fans will appreciate as well.

Stream: Apple Music

SENSORY AMUSIA – Breed Death by Lacerated Enemy records

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Five For Friday: May 20, 2022

Greetings, Decibel readers!

I’m really stoked we get a new Blut Aus Nord album this week. It’s always a happy occasion to plunge back into their strange, all-consuming world. But we also have some new aspiring megastars in Malevolence, along with the latest from the Hellenic veterans in Septicflesh. This weekend promises to be a scorcher, and the albums below should make a fitting soundtrack.


Blut Aus Nord – Disharmonium – Undreamable Abysses

The enigmatic French black metal collective returns. If 2019’s Hallucinogen was an entrancing psychedelic take on their more melodic side, this album is where the trip turns dark. There’s echoes of the previous album, but it’s intertwined with the nightmarish dissonance of their more famous work. While in one sense, it’s a continuation of Hallucinogen, Disharmonium is also a return to form, a form only Blut Aus Nord can occupy.

Stream: Apple Music

Disharmonium – Undreamable Abysses by Blut Aus Nord

Malevolence – Malicious Intent

Groovy. Everything about Malevolence signals that these guys want to get big. They’re on Nuclear Blast, they have hooks, solos, and meaty clean-vocal choruses — and they match it with a 2000s metalcore sensibility. It’s a blend of well-loved metal and hard rock sounds that gives fans of Unearth, Bleeding Through, Sevendust, and Crowbar each something to enjoy. Look out for these guys on big festival stages and headline tours in the near future.

Stream: Apple Music

Predatory Light – Death and the Twilight Hours

Inspired by recent events, cast through the lens of The Decameron and other classic plague-works, Predatory Light returns with a work of shimmering darkness. I know that’s a bit of a contradiction in terms, but you’ll understand once you hear that guitar tone. The band’s sound takes the experimental force of bands like Morbus Chron and combines it with an atmosphere reminiscent of Obsequiae and other atmospheric luminaries. It’s a record that captures both the bewilderment and pathos of our post-pandemic era.

Death and the Twilight Hours by Predatory Light

Sadistic Ritual – The Enigma, Boundless

From our video premiere for “End of All Roads”:

The blackened elements of the Sadistic Ritual’s sound are still present on The Enigma, Boundless but so is an icing of psychedelic fury. On “End of All Roads,” Sadistic Ritual put the listener in a trance without ever breaking from their rhythmic, acidic core sound. The Enigma, Boundless stands out because the thrashers aren’t interested in retreading the same ground as the progenitors of the genre; their spin is noticeable and unique.

Stream: Apple Music

The Enigma, Boundless by Sadistic Ritual

Septicflesh – Modern Primitive

It’s BIG. It’s LOUD. It’s THEATRICAL. It’s Septicflesh coming to you in all their post-Communion glory. If you love this era of the band, you’ll be all about this album.

Stream: Apple Music

Modern Primitive by Septicflesh

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Five For Friday: May 13, 2022

Hello, Decibel readers.

As usual, we’ve got five new albums to share with you to keep you up-to-date on the best in the world of heavy music. But first, I have to add my own words about a giant of heavy music we lost this week.

Trevor Strnad was a fan’s frontman.

When I first met him, it was at a record signing at Ozzfest 2005. Me and my buddies had just watched the band totally kill it, with Trevor in his short-hair-and-emo-glasses era proudly leading the charge on the mic. For an 18-year-old metalhead at the time, The Black Dahlia Murder‘s Unhallowed — with its blended riff-salad of melodic black metal and crushing death metal — was an extreme metal classic that we could think of as ours. While a lot of us loved the metalcore that was blowing up at the time, it was Trevor and co. who gave us new death metal heroes to connect us with the mythical past of 80s and early-90s. It was with this in mind that I stood starstruck with my copy of Miasma, praising them as the Cannibal Corpse of our era. Snobs will scoff, but that’s really what the band meant to a lot of us back then.

Upon meeting him again about 10 years later, it was at a BlastBeat Network holiday party, back when I was writing for Metal Injection. By then, Trevor and I were colleagues of a sort, with him contributing his heavily detailed and painstakingly researched “Obituarist” column. Trevor’s dedication to writing about little-known and emerging death metal bands showed a quality that sometimes degrades in veteran musicians — a genuine excitement for the music. Even after touring the world, cranking out album after album and enduring everything that comes with that life, Trevor didn’t get jaded. Most of all, he made you feel like we were all just fans and metal maniacs together, without a shred of snide elitism or pretension about him.

Over the intervening years, I’d run into Trevor at NYC-area shows, including the Decibel Magazine Tour, along with Youth of Today and other random gigs. To my surprise and appreciation, he always recognized me, made a point to come and talk to me and just nerd out about the bands playing that night. In this sense, he became another fellow fan I saw at shows and had drinks with while talking about bands, an activity that weaves the webs that bind the scene together. He was still the frontman of the band that made Nocturnal and Everblack, but there he was cheering on Morbid Angel as they played “Prayer of Hatred” just as I was. After seeing me and my friend at Youth of Today, my friend became another dude Trevor would chat with at hardcore shows. He truly was emblematic of the metal scene at its best, a valuable contributor and an enthusiastic participant.

His passing is a massive loss to all of us, and most of all his family and friends. As is always the case, we’re left with the music, 9 full-length albums of lovingly crafted death metal. Unhallowed remains one of my favorite albums of all time, and have several go-to jams on each of the others. But in closing, I have to reference the first song I ever heard from the band. It was on the demo-version of “The Blackest Incarnation” that I was first blown away by the sheer power of Trevor’s vocals, a skill he would only improve on in later years. It still holds up today. Here’s to you, Trevor.

Aara – Triade II: Hemera

Aara is one of those black metal bands that simply feel like a storm washing over you. There’s so much going on with the screeching vocals, blasting drums and tremolo riffing, and yet each elements stands out perfectly against the others. It’s an invigorating sound that recalls the vibe of Cosmic Church and the ferocity of Spectral Wound. The word “stamina” comes to mind with a band like this.

Stream: Apple Music

Triade II: Hemera by Aara

Jungle Rot – A Call to Arms

“Yes, I’d like some Vader with some Obituary, please. Yes, I’ll have the Bolt Thrower on the side, thanks.” You know what you’re in for with Jungle Rot, nothing too complicated, nothing too intricate, just pounding riffs that go well with pounding beers. Drink up!

Stream: Apple Music

A Call to Arms by Jungle Rot

Misery Index – Complete Control

One of the most reliable names in the game is back with their seventh full-length album. It delivers the ferocity and expertly crafted guitar tones fans have come to expect from the band, along with some hooks and grooves — particularly on the infectious title track.

Stream: Apple Music

Mutilatred – Determined to Rot

Hah! What a name! And what a sound! Those thunderous guitars! Those pummeling drums! And my goodness grandma, what nightmarish vocals you have! All the better to slay you, my dear!

Stream: Apple Music

Determined to Rot by Mutilatred

Terror – Pain Into Power

The keepers of the faith have returned to continue their reign over the world of straightforward, no-nonsense modern hardcore. Pain Into Power gives you exactly what you’d want from a Terror album — all you need to spit your rage, with an extra dose of metallic power that includes a guest spot from Cannibal Corpse-frontman Corpsegrinder on “Can’t Help but Hate.” It’s a nice touch that when you hear “can’t help but hate” it kind of sound like “cannibal hate.” Do you think they did that on purpose?

Stream: Apple Music

Pain Into Power by Terror

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Video Premiere: Wormwitch – ‘Age of the Ordeal of Iron’

Returning less than a year after 2021’s critically acclaimed Wolf Hex full-length, Canadian black metal practitioners Wormwitch present a new stand-alone single, “Age Of The Ordeal Of Iron,” now playing at Decibel.

Continuing the band’s proven tradition of relentless, punishing melodic black metal imbued with an undercurrent of rock ‘n’ roll attitude and punk ferocity, the song was recorded at Little Red Sounds in Vancouver, BC with engineer Michael Kraushaar, mixed by the band, and finally mastered by Dan Lowndes at Resonance Sound, U.K.

Wormwitch have long been on the forefront of the melodic, grimy black metal sound in North America, and  they’re continuing that tradition with this new, blasting track.

Vocalist/bassist Robin Harris comments:

“This song is about man usurping nature and becoming a self-proclaimed master over it. But the dread holiness of the sacred earth gives him fear, so he engages in rites of blood and fire to appease it, and he denies or becomes blind to his body to seek purity, while simultaneously ushering in an age of iron and death. Through this he becomes diminished, a part of a great machine that he grows to hate. He is now far removed from the garden and his own nature, he proclaims that “nature is no longer needed” while he cringes and recoils at the slightest discomfort, the slightest pain, the smallest disturbance to his Supreme Order and Total Control of a technocratic society, filled with delusions of transcendence and hatred of a world of his own making, his own flesh, and nature’s “natural evils”. By this way he comes full circle into his Primitive Dreams and—assuming the image of a thunderous and metallurgic god radiating a holy and brightly burning cancer-of-the-spirit—he bombs the entire earth into dust and erases himself from existence.”

“Age Of The Ordeal Of Iron” will be available May 13 across all digital platforms, and will be available to download exclusively on Bandcamp.

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Five For Friday: April 29, 2022

Greetings, Decibel readers!

As we exit April, the cruelest month, we have five albums ready to propel us into Spring-proper — including the latest from Decibel-reader favorites like Watain, Krieg and Devilmaster. But there’s also a couple death metal gems to be found here, one super brutal, the other super strange.


Crucifixion Bell/Krieg – Split

An excellent split by two of USBM’s finest foot soldiers. Crucifixion Bell‘s sound is built on pure, raw melancholy, with mournful riffs pulling the listener down into the spiraling darkness. And Krieg should need no introduction for Decibel readers. Just know that Neill and company bring the crushing and violent storm of black metal they’ve reliably crafted for decades now.

Crucifixion Bell | Krieg by Crucifixion Bell | Krieg

Devil Master – Ecstasies of Never Ending Night

Your favorite ramshackle gang of metal punks are back! And this time they let up a little bit on the chorus pedal, while flooring it on speed, riffs and atmosphere. Manifestations and Satan Spits on the Children of Light were fun, but on this album the band really comes into its own. It’s a fun time that demand to be taken seriously!

Stream: Apple Music

Ecstasies of Never Ending Night by DEVIL MASTER

Dischordia – Triptych

I’m told some of you death metal fans like to get weird. Like, Gorguts’ Obscura-style weird. Dig into this then, it has all the odd timings and rapid stylistic shifts you could ask for.

Stream: Apple Music

Triptych (Technical/Brutal/Dissonant Death Metal) by DISCHORDIA

Sacrilega – The Arcana Spear

Brutal, devastating, unrelenting death metal. This San Diego trio has landed its forces with a triumphant debut album, bringing enough firepower to level every false fortress in the land. And yet the band has a mind for dynamics, as they don’t overuse the blastbeats, but rather apply them when they really count. It’s a little something that rewards repeat listens.

Stream: Apple Music

The Arcana Spear by SACRILEGA

Watain – The Agony and Ecstacy of Watain

Well. That’s quite a title, isn’t it? Sounds more like an off-Broadway musical than a metal album. But I digress. The album shows the storied Swedish unit veer away from the ferocity of the previous album and move in a direction that almost resembles the blue-cover black metal of their brethren in Dissection, et. al. Regardless, it’s definitely Watain, as I’m sure their hordes of devotees will be happy to hear.

Stream: Apple Music

The Agony & Ecstasy Of Watain by Watain

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Five For Friday: April 22, 2022

Greetings, Decibel readers!

It’s an exciting week for new releases, especially if you love death metal. I’m sure a lot of you know Corpsessed already, but might not have had time to get acquainted with Undeath and some of the other bands listed below. The theme is consistent today, but there’s still a lot of variety within that theme.

Happy digging:

Corpsessed – Succumb to Rot

Absolutely glorious death metal mastery. Finland’s Corpsessed have been blazing a brutal trail of sonic destruction for years now, and their latest album might be their most devastating assault yet. Succumb to Rot brings the songwriting excellence we’ve come to expect from the band, but also packs a picture-perfect production for this style of death metal. I’m not sure how they could have dialed in better snare or guitar tones on this. Among the armies of modern death metal, Corpsessed belongs in the vanguard.

Stream: Apple Music

Succumb to Rot by Corpsessed

Reaper – Viridian Inferno

But for those of you in the mood for something stripped-down, dirty, raw and nasty, Australia’s Reaper is here to pull you down. We’ve got a real “best of both worlds” situation here for fans of D-beat/82-style street punk and first-wave black metal. The echoes of The Exploited, Celtic Frost, Venom and Onslaught are all easily audible here, but channeled into this band’s own riff-powered machine.

Stream: Apple Music

Reaper – Viridian Inferno by Dying Victims Productions

Static Abyss – Labyrinth of Veins

Do you like Autopsy? Well, then you’ll probably dig this as well. All the darkness and doom you could ask for is here, all delivered through the cavernous death metal delivery you’d want from the likes of Reifert, Wilkinson, and Co.

Stream: Apple Music

Labyrinth of Veins by Static Abyss

THOS ÆLLA – Sempiternal Mobocracies

Do you also like to get weird? Well, here’s an album from I, Voidhanger Records, which should say enough already. But in case you don’t catch my drift, this band brings all the brutal and soaring heavy metal energy, while adding odd compositional choices and sounds to bear. There’s also a distinct note of Death‘s more progressive side present here as well. It’s fast, it’s impressive, it’ll scramble your brain in the best way possible!

Sempiternal Mobocracies by THOS ÆLLA

Undeath – It’s Time … To Rise From the Grave

Rochester’s Undeath made a big splash among death metal fanatics with 2020’s Lesions of a Different Kind. This year, they’re issuing a clarion (or should I say, carrion?) call to all of us: It’s Time To Rise From the Dead. The band employs an excellent mix of rawness and power in that they keep the vocals and guitars super dirty, but keep the rhythm section full and crisp. It’s kind of like salty and sweet but for death metal. Dig in, friends.

Stream: Apple Music

It’s Time…To Rise From the Grave by Undeath

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Five For Friday: April 15, 2022

Greetings, Decibel readers, I hope this roundup finds you well!

Had a rip-roaring good time last night at the Hulder and Spectral Wound show. If you haven’t seen either band live, I cannot recommend them enough, especially if you’re a black metal fanatic like yours truly. Spectral Wound’s set is like a wave of thunder hitting you, as the band effortlessly blasts its way through their violent-yet-melodic signature sound. The drummer in particular just baffles me with how unaffected he is by the constant blasting and rolls he has to do, maintaining an expressionless face the entire time. Whereas Hulder just hits every note I need to hear from a black metal band, from the melancholy riffs, to the dynamic mix of moods and tempos, she really can do no wrong.

Anyway, I can also strongly recommend all the albums detailed below. So get out there this weekend, you have five options for building the perfect soundtrack!

Azaab – Summoning the Cataclysm

Today’s first offering is the debut album from Pakistan’s Azaab. Summoning the Cataclysm is a solid offering of contemporary death metal. It has progressive and technical elements, but still projects this from a straightforward and dramatic style very reminiscent of bands like Hate Eternal. Fun fact: “When Worlds Collide” features a guitar solo from Bobby Koelble, who you may remember as the second guitarist on Death‘s Symbolic.

Summoning The Cataclysm by Azaab

Egregore – The Word of His Law

Off-putting, strange, unsettling blackened death metal. Egregore‘s sound takes so many shapes that you may experience The Word of His Law as an enlightening trip, a confusing dream, or an outright nightmare all at once. One cool thing that sets this band apart from other “dissonant” practitioners is the use of thrashy grooves that hooks and sets the listener in place before throwing them back into the maw of notes and blasts.

The Word Of His Law by Egregore

Marrasmieli – Martaidan Mailta

One of the best folk-black metal bands in the world, Marrasmieli returns with their triumphant second album. Between Land and Sky was one of the best albums of 2020, and this album shows no sign of the band letting up in terms of ferocity, atmospherics, or songwriting excellence. The band brilliantly weaves the spirit of Windir into their own mix of folk and second-wave black metal for a glorious sound that never veers into cheese or kitsch. The non-metal instruments aren’t used as a Renaissance-fair-like gimmick, but as a way to enhance the emotional pull of the music. Listen to “The Forest of My Soul” for a perfect example.

Stream: Apple Music

Martaiden mailta by Marrasmieli

Skumstrike – Deadly Intrusions

Part thrash, part black, part punk, part hardcore, ALL TRUE. This album embodies what it means to kick enormous amounts of ass. Everything you could want for pure, raw metal rage is here: riffs, speed, AND LOTS OF REVERB. Music to blast on the way home from a show.

Deadly Intrusions by SKUMSTRIKE

Viande – L’abime dévore les âmes

Cruel, barbaric, cavernous death metal. There’s lots of bands out there doing this style. But few are still doing it in a way that hits the mark like Viande does here. While the riffs are crucial here, it often comes down to the drums. The right use of pounding vs. blasting can make all the difference in the picture the music paints in your mind. Viande’s canvas resembles something between hell and the swamp.

Stream: Apple Music

L’abime dévore les âmes (Dark/Atmospheric Death Metal) by VIANDE

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