For Those About Squawk: Waldo Pecks on Undergang and Paradise Lost

I am thankful for my reviews that Decibel allows me to do. That’s the thing, not all are well written (I am a parrot, after all), and not all are good, but you know, I’m thankful to be doing them. So, here we go.

You want some Danish? How about some OLD-SCHOOL DANISH MOTHER PECKING DEATH METAL?!?! Undergang are back at it with their fifth, Aldrig I livet. What’s there to be said about this? It’s badass. Death metal that’s played in a total cacophonous style. This is guttural. I mean, this is putrid sounding, and it should be. These guys are known for this sound, and they BRING it on this. The vocals are nasty-ass growls and the guitars are tuned to like “Z” or something. This isn’t just pure savagery, as there are some heavy doomy, spaced-out sections that break up what might be a little monotonous. No fretting though old fans, this does not get into “Blood Incantation space-y territory.” In fact, it comes across as more “Autopsy-ish” without sounding like Autopsy AT ALL. By far their most “diverse” record, this one rips. Peep it or be a poser. 9 Fucking Pecks.

The releases slow down this time of year. In fact, from here on out, it’ll be harder for me to “peck” stuff. Reissues also tend to pop up a lot now, highlighted by deluxe, ultra-deluxe and SUPER-ULTRA-DELUXE reissues. Death/doomsters Paradise Lost are celebrating the 25th anniversary of their amazing Draconian Times with a fine new reissue. Of course, this is released on CD and limited vinyl formats, and I have to say that the packaging here is way cool. Featuring new/updated liner notes and rare and unreleased racks from the Draconian Times era, this is definitely a cool piece. Nothing too shocking or out of the ordinary as far as a reissue is concerned, but it is a good chance to pick up this gem if you don’t already have it. 8 Fucking Pecks.

Happy Thanksgiving, foos… Waldo OUT!

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For Those About to Squawk: Waldo Pecks on Carcass, Evil Dead and Nothing

Happy Halloween, motherpeckers! It’s every metalheads favorite holiday, and it’s that time where I, Waldo the parrot, tell you about some upcoming releases.

The masters of gore are back, albeit with just an EP. Carcass are releasing the great Despicable on Nuclear Blast. I’m stoked for this. Picking up where 2013’s Surgical Steel left off, Carcass hits us with some melodeath. There are all the things here that you’d expect, some blasting, some riffs, some snarling and some clean singing?! Don’t worry, the clean singing is only on the chorus on one song, and it actually makes the track. Jeff Walker’s voice is as nasty as ever and Bill Steer’s riffs are great on this. The one thing I can mention is, the EP in general seems a little on the slow end, but like not “slow.” But know that despite the lack of speed, Carcass can retain their sound and never come across as boring. The solos—my feathered god—the solos are great! This is clearly a teaser for what’s to come for a new record and I am beaking stoked! 9 Fucking Pecks.

Once upon a time, during the thrash explosion, a group of teenagers formed a band.  That band was called Evil Dead and they put out the awesome Annihilation of Civilization, one of the best thrash records ever. Well… after 30+ years they are back with The United States of Anarchy. It’s hard to review this, as there has been so much time that has passed. The best way to put it is that Evil Dead sounds… intact. I Gone is the fury of AoC (I mean, that was a long time ago), but this is still ED. This is thrash metal, like 100%, and they band sounds a little more mature, but still retains the elements that makes them the Evil Dead. Not their best, (see AoC) but I’m digging it. 8 Fucking Pecks.

The non-metal/post metal band Nothing are coming out with another record called The Great Dismal. I for one am a big fan of Nothing, being an ’80s-born parrot I like the Cure, etc. For the uninitiated, Nothing is a kind of heavy shoegaze band, not really “metal” per se, but you know, heavy. The Great Dismal is awash in thematic isolation, extinction and overall human behavior. The first thing to be noted here is this is a noisier record than the last couple of efforts. And that’s badass. There are ugly, heavy passages interwoven with clean pretty parts with lethargic vocals. I’ve loved everything they’ve done and so far, this may be their best! 8 Fucking Pecks.

Stay safe out there, everyone! Waldo out!

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Contest: Win Free Tickets to Obituary’s November 7 Live Stream Concert

Death metal institution Obituary have been making the best of a bad situation—that situation being 2020’s lack of live shows and tours—by streaming a number of high quality special performances from their swamping grounds of Gibsonton, FL. Over the last two weekends, Obituary treated paying online attendees to full-album performances of their seminal first two albums, Slowly We Rot and Cause of Death.

Their final livestream takes place on November 7 and features Obituary performing a set of “rare classics and special tracks.” With a career that’s spanned across multiple decades, the band will surely break out a few choice cuts to remember. In partnership with Obituary, Decibel are giving away five tickets to the rarities and special tracks livestream, which, again, goes down on Saturday, November 7 at 5pm EST.

To enter, shoot an email to with the subject “Obituary” by Saturday, October 31 and let us know which track you’re dying to hear Obituary perform (we’re partial to the Flexi Series banger “No,” of course). Winners will be notified early next week. Don’t want to leave it up to chance? Tickets are available here for just $15.

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For Those About to Squawk: Waldo Pecks on Pallbearer and Old Mother Hell

What’s up, guys? It’s that time again. There’s still some good birdshit coming out this go ‘round. Read on and see.

On their fourth record, American doomsters Pallbearer hit us with their most “metal” effort in years, Forgotten Days. This is doom, no doubt, but to succinctly pigeonhole this is a little tough. The best way to describe this record is “vintage doom”, and although it has a more retro feel, it is most definitely Pallbearer. Coming off of 2017’s Heartless, which was mostly a rock record, this feels more classic Pallbearer. Harkening back to their first record, there are some slight differences here. In general, there is a more expanded and classical vibe on this, and there are more synths than on previous efforts. The riffs here are memorable and even though this is a SLOW record, it never comes across as being pedantic or super repetitive. Admittedly, the band stated that they wrote songs so that the audience could really dig into the overall vibe and just kind of get into it. There are a ton of doom bands floating around out there, and on Forgotten Days, Pallbearer channel their inner Black Sabbath with a healthy dose of Pink Floyd thrown in. Well done. 8 Fucking Pecks.

Where do these bands get these names? Sticking with the “doom” theme here, well more of a “trad metal mixed with doom” theme. Old Mother Hell are releasing Lord of Demise on Cruz Del Sur. This has a Cirith Ungol vibe, moving from some “death doom” stuff to more traditional heavy metal. What REALLY sticks out to me here is that this doesn’t come across as some new jack kids trying to ape a sound. There’s a genuine spirit and overall feel here that makes it feel “real.” My big hang up with this is I feel that the vocals are a little hard to get past. You know, that kinda soaring vocals that can only really be done by certain people. This record isn’t bad; in fact, it’s pretty good. The only issue is—and it’s a serious one—it’s mostly forgettable. I dig it, and may even give it another spin or two, but it’s not cracking any end-of-the-year lists. 6 Fucking Pecks.


Until next time… Waldo out!



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For Those About to Squawk: Waldo Pecks on Enslaved, Repuked and Incinceration

What’s up, guys? Sometimes I have some positive things to say, sometimes I don’t. Looks like this one is well… maybe you should just read on.

Ever like not get into a band and then try to review it? This is me with Enslaved’s new one Utgard via Nuclear Blast. I’m not sure how I feel about this, I’m sure that I shouldn’t really start on their 15th release, but I’ll try to keep an open birdbrain here. There is some cool stuff here, notably “Jettegryta” is the standout track for me, with a more pounding, sorta thrashy thing going on. There is some more “atmospheric” stuff on here, and it breaks up the sound here. I’m not really sure here, this is very “middling” at times, and not super exciting, but it’s not awash in monotony either. This is one of those records that Enslaved fans will find very exciting, but for me, it’s just OK. So, just so I don’t get any hate, I’ll give it 7 Fucking Pecks.

When you call your band Repuked you had BETTER deliver. And on their third effort, Dawn of Reintoxication, these swedes DE-LIVER (get it?). So, what about this? When your lead track is called “Vodka Til the Grave” it better be fun. Fun it is. This is that sorta “easy to head bang to” metal that sports studs and leather. Odes to drinking, sado masochism, and well… drinking. These guys, although they rip, don’t take themselves that seriously. The more I’m listening to this, the more I’m kinda digging on it. Musically, this is kind of akin to old Swedish thrash death with the emphasis on the “thrash.” Think like a SUPER fun Niphilhiem, OR like a blackened thrash Municipal Waste from Sweden. Complete with puking “effects”, I dig it. 7 Fucking Pecks.

Do you want some BROOTAL death metal? Incinerate is hitting us with Sacrilegivm on Comatose. This is NOT to be confused with the 8,000 other bands called Incinerate. This is the Incinerate from Minneapolis/California and now Canada? Does that clear anything up? This is not super tech, not super caveman. Planted firmly in the middle of that, is some slamz, and some AMAZING solos here. This is a decent record, but what is really sticking out here are the solos. This guy is incredible. The production here is a little warm for my taste and could benefit from a little more “teeth.” All in all, this is a solid record, but just like most slam/brutal death records, there’s not a lot here (except for the solos) to differentiate itself from others in the genre. 6 Fucking Pecks.

Until next time… Waldo out!

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