Five For Friday: September 8, 2023

Greetings, Decibel readers!

As we reach the home stretch of 2023, some major album-of-the-year candidates are rolling through. We recently had Incantation‘s new masterwork hit our shelves, and this week brings the newest slaughterfest from Dying Fetus. You might need to make individual lists by style at this rate, just to keep up with the quality.

Check out Make Them Beg For Death and four other great records below!

Cryptopsy – As Gomorrah Burns

While not as off-the-rails insane as their classic output, Cryptopsy can always be relied on for sheer brutality. And of course, those drums.

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As Gomorrah Burns by Cryptopsy

Dying Fetus – Make Them Beg For Death

The legendary death metal band’s winning (killing?) streak continues. If you’ve enjoyed the way the band has honed and perfected their sound since 2012’s Reign Supreme, you’ll want to hear this. Nothing is out of place here, every growl, blast and riff is right where it belongs.

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Make Them Beg For Death by Dying Fetus

Satsuriku Robot – No Thrash Metal, No Life!

So, this rules. Satsuriku Robot brings all the best energy to their sound — totally unhinged, unbridled and unpretentious. The vocals are particularly satisfying, as are the lyrics (e.g., “Raise BPM together, I accomplish it until the last!”) for thrash metal maniacs who just want to rage!

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Trhä – en​Ω​ë​cunna ed​ë​no​£​sa qud’lh​ë​lh

“Oh great, the new releases guy is throwing another raw black metal album in this week. Does he really need to shove this stuff in at every opportunity?”

YES. And you will like it. This is pure lo-fi magic, with the kind of rise-and-fall drama that would make a fitting soundtrack to an epic fantasy film or Shakespearean performance.

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enΩëcunna edëno£sa qud’lhëlh by Trhä

Uada – Crepuscule Natura

From Sean Fraiser’s review in Decibel #228:

“Crepuscule Natura isn’t exactly a new dawn for Jake Superchi (and ex-guitarist James Sloan). But it’s a blast of light revealing influences and textures previously clinging to the shadows.”

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Crepuscule Natura by UADA

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