Album Premiere: Slomatics – “Strontium Fields”

Next year marks the 20th anniversary of Irish doom trio Slomatics forming in Belfast (by way of deep-space). Slomatics were first recommended to me by Jon Davis of Conan and Black Bow Records in an interview. I listened, and quickly became a devotee as well. Since that point, Decibel Magazine has helped premiere the band’s past 2 LPs and last year’s split with Domkraft. Today we keep tradition alive and share the 8th Slomatics album, Strontium Fields. Out September 8th from Black Bow Records, Strontium Fields is an expansive doom album full of galactic thunder.

After beginning with a heart beat, “Wooden Satellites” wakes with a shuttle crash of distortion. While vocalist/drummer Marty is most notable for his powerful din-piercing melodies, “I, Neanderthal” swaggers with percussive groove. The synth-abundant “Time Capture” represents Slomatics at their most tranquil. The first half of “Voidians” strips their sound down further, before guitarists David and Chris suffocate silence with amplified fuzz. The album culminates in the shadowy drama of big-riffed closer “With Dark Futures.” Strontium Fields returns with the same engineering team as 2019’s Canyons, with Rocky O’Reilly producing and James Plotkin mastering the record. The result is the band’s most diversely textured album yet.

Strontium Fields was recorded post-pandemic, and is in many ways an expression of both the optimism and joy we felt after being locked away,” David shares (guitars). “Playing music is always an emotional release, and in this case we wanted to celebrate just how good it feels to do this. At the same time we wanted to make a record which took both the melody and heaviness of our sound to new heights, so we wanted the full spectrum of light and shade to be there. Nothing was considered off limits, so hopefully we have pushed our sound in new places. All that being said, the amps were up full and the fuzz boxes were engaged, most of the time anyway!”

Press play and step through a portal to hear Strontium Fields.

Strontium Fields by Slomatics

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