Video Premiere: Solemn Vision – ‘Gates’

Need a dose of melodic death metal to get your weekend started? New York City’s Solemn Vision have just the thing for you in the form of new single “Gates.” Characterized by staccato guitar riffs and upbeat drumming plus vocalist Aaron Harris’ recognizable high screams, “Gates” is pretty impossible to dislike if you’re a fan of melodic death metal. It doesn’t hurt that drummer Carlos Crowcell is repping the best festival in the country.

“Gates is one of our more intense tracks, written during the covid lockdown,” Solemn Vision tell Decibel. “Instrumentally, it provided a cathartic release for our pent up energy and emotions. Lyrically, it summarizes a few things that Aaron has experienced while being a part of the local metal scene. The song has been interpreted to admonish ‘gatekeeping,’ which has always been a problem within the scene. For the music video, we wanted to show people that, as we hail from the melting pot that is New York City, these ‘Gates’ have no place in the Solemn Vision camp, as we welcome all with open arms!”

Solemn Vision’s new album, Despite the Rise of the Sun, is scheduled for release on October 20 via Black Lion Records.

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