Track Premiere: Sleep Maps – “Shattered Generation”

A little history before the unveiling of the brand new tune, “Shattered Generation,” from Sleep Maps. Multi-instrumentalist Ben Kaplan is the creative force behind this post-metal project originally based in NYC, and dating back to the early ’10s, he’s issued four previous instrumental full-lengths. For album number five, Reclaim Chaos, Kaplan has relocated to Northern California, added vocalist David Kegg and guitarist Brian Horn and injected a heavier, more malevolent—perhaps, death metal-inspired—element to his music. “Shattered Generation” embodies that transformation with its spacious, architectural guitar work juxtaposed next to deathly growled vocals. The track is a true beauty-and-the-beast effort that roars for much of the first half and later finds a bucolic sonic landscape to loll in, complete with clean vocals and echoing guitars.

The eight-track Reclaim Chaos is set for release August 18 on LP, CD and digitally via Kaplan’s own Lost Future label. If you like what you hear, you can preorder it here.

This is what vocalist David Kegg had to say about the song:

“For me, ‘Shattered Generation’ came out of a sense of frustration at our compliance with the current systems that continue to fail us over and over again. So many folks, especially those on the margins of society, are barely hanging on and those with wealth and power continue to squeeze us for all they can. And yet, I believe things can change for the better and that becomes the arc of the album.”

And here’s Ben Kaplan’s take:

“‘Shattered Generation’ is a reflection of the current state of the world. The last few years have shown that all the societal norms are one pandemic or one political regime away from total chaos. With nothing to hold onto, how will future generations deal with the fallout? This song and Reclaim Chaos the album focus on this idea.”

Reclaim Chaos by Sleep Maps

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