Track Premiere: Teloch Vovin – “Dragon Sworn”

Gather ’round the fire, friends. You’re in for a fiery and epic black metal performance. Teloch Vovin is a ferocious collective of dark disciples hailing from New York City and Long Island. On July 28, the band will issue a split with their Queens-based brethren in Viserion called The Iron Age of Kali Yuga. To help prepare the world for the coming of these draconic entities, Decibel is pleased to premiere Teloch Vovin’s “Dragon Sworn.”

The band’s intricate and violent take on black metal is on full display on this track, with the spiraling guitar work being especially impressive. But fear not, the progressive and cinematic composition does nothing to dull the music’s razor-sharp edge. Here’s how the band describes the song:

“‘Dragon Sworn’ is one of our most expansive ov tracks in both the songwriting/arrangement department and in the guitar work. 90% of the song’s riffs and melodies are written using the Persian Scale; the arrangement of the song itself is more likened to that of a classical symphonic piece. Large sections of the song are arranged for three guitars, giving the track a deep and strong yet otherworldly feel. ‘Dragon Sworn’ contains some of Teloch Vovin’s most melodic guitar parts to date, yet these melodies are a reminder that there is no problem with melody, only wimps who misuse them.”

Beyond the guitar work, the band took extra care to include the entire horde, called The Dragon’s Choir, in this song:

“Other noteworthy sections of this song are the 44-member group vocals performed by the Dragon’s Choir, recorded around a raging bonfire at midnight, outside at the Infamous Omega House in Riverhead Long Island after Teloch Vovin’s performance with Black Moriah and Nunslaughter, as well as the Bach-inspired guitar melody and orchestral-like drumming of the song’s epic conclusion.”

Stream the track below to hear for yourself:

“The Iron Age of Kali Yuga’ by Teloch Vovin Viserion by Teloch Vovin Viserion

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