Track Premiere: Radiant Knife – “Slumber”

Trippy progressive sludge metal duo Radiant Knife rise once against from the swamps of Southern Louisiana to release their fifth full-length, Pressure, on July 14th.

The combined forces of Greg Travasos on drums and Stephen Sheppert at the helm of guitar, synths, and vocals drawn inspiration from the likes of Today is the Day, Zeni Geva, Loincloth, Yes and King Crimson, manifesting a heavy sonic landscape rife with unorthodox time signatures, grizzly guitar tones, and layered, sci-fi influenced synth textures.

Decibel proudly premieres Radiant Knife’s latest mind-numbing single “Slumber.”

“‘Slumber’ is a commentary on the hypnotic lull of corporate work and the soul draining march forward of progress and profit,” the band shares in a statement to Decibel. “Either intent or side effect, the result can be the erasing of the individual revealing a final form of just another brick in the wall.”

Greg Travasos Photo

Elaborates the band on the record’s surrounding themes, “While not every song deals with it, a lot of the album’s lyrics center around being sold on the American dream, but also realizing it’s oftentimes used as a thin veil to cloak a dubious system/entity aimed at bleeding you dry, even after death.  A lot of ‘pressure’ comes with that, and a means of dealing with it could be taking a nihilistic mindset as expressed in the song ‘Give Yourself Away,’ or trying to outrun the rat race as expressed in the aforementioned song, ‘Demon Legs.’”

PRESSURE by Radiant Knife

Pressure was self-recorded in early 2022 at the band’s home studio, Starless Sound, and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (Obituary, Sunn O))) -16-).

Pressure will be released on LP and digital formats. Find preorders at the Radiant Knife Bandcamp page HERE.

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