Track Premiere: Viande – ‘Le Souffle Des Os’

Dense. Foreboding. Twisted. All of these are words that properly describe “Le Souffle Des Os,” the latest single from French blackened death metal band Viande. Formed in 2013, the band released a demo in 2015 and an EP in 2017, but their upcoming album, L’abime dévore les âmes, is their debut full-length. As you’ll hear on “Le Souffle Des Os,” Viande’s music has a death metal core but emerges as something more sinister sounding.

The first half of the song could draw comparisons to bands like Incantation and Cruciamentum, but the second half reveals what sets Viande apart. The song breaks down into a noisy passage before returning in a slower, doomier fashion, moving at an agonizing pace before abruptly shifting gears and returning to high-speed death metal.

Listen to “Le Souffle Des Os” below. Pre-orders for L’abime dévore les âmes are coming soon via Transcending Obscurity.

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