KRYPTOS Return With New Album

Two years since their latest, vicious Afterburner album, India’s heavy metal force Kryptos returns to invoke the ultimate sound of denim and leather with the release of their sixth studio album. 

Force Of Danger will be out on October 1 and csn be pre-ordered here

After previously- released singles, the crushing album title track and just recently Raging Steel, the band have shared another blistering appetizer for their upcoming album in the form of Hot Wired.

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GUS G With New Album

GUS G. made a name for himself with Firewind, the band he initially launched as a solo project in 1998 that made its official debut in 2002.

In that time the band has released nine albums, while Gus has also recorded and toured with Mystic Prophecy, Nightrage, Arch Enemy, Dream Evil and Ozzy Osbourne. He has also made inroads as a solo artist, having released three albums under his own name: I Am The Fire (2014), Brand New Revolution (2015), and Fearless (2018).

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Premiere: KIMURA “Sharpen The Bones”

Australian metal outfit Kimura are releasing their latest slab of brutality with new single Sharpen The Bones.

Sharpen The Bones is a story of revenge and retribution for a girl who was assaulted by a trusted friend and how he won’t get away with it and inevitably meets his end in the clip. 

Kimura have combined the metal influences within the band on this release, and stepped it up a few notches in terms of melody, heaviness and song structures.

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Blast Worship: Deterioration

Where they from? Minneapolis, Minnesota.
We are now entering the magical time of year where fantasy football drafts are happening every night. Who are you taking this year? For me my top three picks are: J.K. Dobbins, T.Y. Hilton and Tim Tebow. I think those three as your RB1, WR1 and TE1 respectively create a formidable lineup that could be rounded out by a kicker and the Detroit Lions’ defense/special teams. Good luck, everyone!

Why the hype?
Yes, Deterioration is the second ever to be featured TWICE in this lauded column, behind only D.C.’s equally mesmerizing Ixias. I have written about Minnesota’s premiere basement unit for several years now in MULTIPLE publications for good reason: the band never fails to bring it’s unbridled formula of speed, grime, disgust and fascinating samples onto every single thing they’ve ever recorded. When alien archeologists discover our dead planet many eons into the future and are trying to figure out who was the main progenitor of the great Midwest grindcore surge of the late 2010s, they should look no further than Deterioration.

Latest Release?
Transcending Human Confines available through Shattered Dreams Productions. The audio samples here, always a strength of the band, vary from the genuinely disturbing to out-right hilarious. Everything from a graphic description of the cremation process, to rednecks breaking down the political ramifications of armed protests, the already stellar music with a sense of morbid irony that I could only describe as “peak 2021.” Also, the mid-tempo bruiser riff in “Solving Thee Equations of Life and Death” is an absolute barn-burner.

Transcending Human Confines by Deterioration

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Split Premiere: Total Isolation & Sedimentum

Today we’re psyched to feature the full premiere of a new split 7-inch from two former Demo:listen juggernauts, who also happen to be two of the gnarliest and heaviest hitting bands in the modern death metal scene. 

Total Isolation, featured on Demo:listen back in November of 2019, hail from British Columbia and bring with them the brand-new track “Vomiting Pit of Fog.” We featured their splitmates Sedimentum on Demo:listen earlier in 2019 shortly after the release of their killer four song self-titled demo. Sedimentum appeared on a split 7-inch last year with American atmospheric crushers Phobophilic, but this will be the first new material from Total Isolation since the spinal catastrophe that was their demo, Winfield. 

Onerously heavy and mephitic with solos, divebombs and other breeds of noisy atmospherics, Total Isolation have banged out their heaviest, wildest and most dynamic song yet with their contribution to this split. On the flip side, the bulldozing death-doom we’ve come to know and love from Quebec City-based quartet Sedimentum seems to have festered into something far more viscous and virulent. Hitting like some early Carcass, on “Mollisonia Plenovenatrix,” Sedimentum also present their most repulsive and best-sounding material to date. 

According to Sedimentum guitarist/vocalist A.E.: “This song was originally recorded in the same session as ‘Obliteration’ (from the split with Phobophilic), but we had some line-up changes in 2020 and decided to re-record it since we had some time and were not quite satisfied with the first version. It’s the first and only song that will feature Mathieu on bass and drums. We are now with a new bass player and are almost done writing our first LP that should hopefully see the light of day in 2022.”

Lots to look forward to with both of these bands still priming their full-length albums. In the meantime this 7-inch, out this Friday from Seed of Doom in both vinyl and cassette formats, joins the towering stack of absolutely mandatory death metal split 7-inches.

Total Isolation / Sedimentum split by Seed Of Doom

Preorder the split from Seed of Doom Records. 

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Undeath Premiere New Song, “Diemented Dissection,” Via the Decibel Flexi Series

It’s pretty clear that there’s a huge typo on the face of the killer new flexi disc single from New York new jacks Undeath. I mean, “Diemented Dissection,” how could we let that slip by, right? Well, that is actually the correct spelling of the new two-and-a-half-minute ripper that the death metal crew has recorded especially for the Decibel Flexi Series. The mistake is that we failed to credit our local pal Arthur Rizik with the fine mastering job here. So, yeah, we fucked up, but you can avoid following in our fucked-up footsteps by missing out on the band’s U.S. tour with the Black Dahlia Murder, Carnifex and Rivers of Nihil, which starts this week!

In the mean time, you can jam our 130th entry in the series below and then head off to the dB store where we have an extremely limited amount of the issues containing the Undeath flexi available. Cheers to everyone who has supported the Decibel Flexi Series over these past 10 years and here’s to decades more floppy radness!

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Southern California indie-rock duo Wilder have released their debut EP Bad Bad Luck via Rude Records.

The EP is a high-energy and introspective collection of indie-punk songs reflecting largely on the band members’ experience as young adults in the church and their journey making a fresh start.

“After such a long time in anticipation, we are thrilled to finally release this EP,” shares the band. “It’s an accurate reflection of who we are today, and an ode to our journey up until now.

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Killer Be Killed released their critically-acclaimed sophomore album Reluctant Hero last November via Nuclear Blast Records. Today, the band releases the lyric video for Filthy Vagabond

The band also announces that they are releasing new formats of their debut self-titled album as well as a Reluctant Hero picture disc that will be released on November 26.

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FRANKIE’S PIZZA Give Something Back For Father’s Day

Frankie’s Pizza have concocted a Father’s Day box, a last minute gift to get kids, wives, partners etc out of trouble with a fully sick bundle of goodies delivered direct to Dad’s door.

Seems the Dads out there are planning to ROCK this Father’s Day and as such we’ve already had to source fresh stacks of wax to fill demand. ACCADACCA on vinyl, mucho merch and a heap of booze is heading into households all across Australia via Frankie’s Pizza Ultimate Father’s Day packs.

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VOYAGER With OnLine Show

A Voyage Through Time sees Australia’s epic electro progressive power prog metal titans in Voyager present a one of a kind visual and aural performance that outlines the progression of their musical career.

🎟️ Tickets: 

An online live experience with full production, a journey across two decades and seven albums with a set list inspired by a fan voted poll in 2020, this activity seeks to explore a new and enhanced approach to the band’s live show and to grab the attention of both their Australian and international fan base, and as a tribute to the songs that have stayed with fans over time.

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