Despite the increasing setbacks thrown up at us all by a little thing starting with C, the Australian music industry continues to thrive.

This week sees HEAVY feature Mammal on the cover, with the irrepressible as always Ezekiel Ox talking about their upcoming slot at Halloween Hysteria plus whatever else popped into his mind in the 20 minutes we had together.

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No Corporate Beer Reviews: Gherkin

Beer: Gherkin
Brewery: Lost Boy Cider (Alexandria, VA)
Style: Cider – Dry
6.9% ABV / N/A IBU

Look, let’s just cut right to the chase: The very concept of a pickle-flavored cider is an abomination. It is neither overwhelming or underwhelming, just as predictably terrible as you would imagine a pickle in any form other than a pickle to be. Lost Boy Cider’s Gherkin is like a screening of Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo—you can find ways to enjoy this, but it means that you are totally dead inside. But you’re probably still curious, wondering whether anything could actually be that bad, because that was totally the author of this review three sentences ago, before he poured this cider into a glass, and realized:

The smell of Gherkin is fairly revolting, like a wet dog wearing sweaty gym shoes on a mildew-y carpet. The undertone is earthy, which is a big thing in dry ciders right now, particularly ones brewed with botanicals. The idea is to reinforce a connection to the natural world, where the core (no pun intended) components comes from, so you can have an experience that’s akin to picking up the freshest fruits and vegetables from a farm stand. That’s all great in theory, but Gherkin doesn’t really smell natural and it’s kinda hard to get excited about drinking it.

The cucumber flavor in this cider is mostly good. Gherkin could use more of it and would probably work better as a dry cider with cucumber notes, like a gin and tonic, or a sweeter cider with cucumber paired with a stronger flavor like lime or mint. It’s the pickling spice that sabotages this because an herbed beer or cider should be made with one seasoning, not a combination of 12 different things. The potential for disaster is just too great. And Gherkin would certainly benefit from a higher level of carbonation—again, back to the idea of a gin and tonic as a model, something that’s crisp and effervescent and slightly funky. At least Lost Boy had the decency to super-charge the ABV; if you’re going to open the hatch for something like this, you might as well get bombed.

For more info, check out Lost Boy here.

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Five For Friday: July 30, 2021

If you like your metal raw and stripped down (i.e., if you have good taste), this is a big week for you. If you like that raw metal to be death, thrash, or cool mashups of those two with various other styles, well then it’s practically Christmas in July.


Karloff – The Appearing

Germany’s Karloff brings together the attitude of 80s crossover with the feel of cavernous death and black metal. Imagine Morbid Tales-era Celtic Frost wearing high tops and playing CBGB’s alongside DRI and SOD and you’ll get a good idea of what The Appearing sounds like. Come to think of, that lineup would totally rule wouldn’t it? These guys could open that bill and fit in just fine!

Stream: Apple Music

Karloff – The Appearing by Dying Victims Productions

Nuclear Revenge – Dawn of the Primitive Age

Ripping, ferocious black thrash. If you’re down with Aura Noir and Nifilheim (and of course, early Sodom and Kreator), then strap on those spiked armbands for this band. Spain’s Nuclear Revenge has everything you need to thrash into flames: the riffs, the reverb, the RAGE!!!

Dawn of the Primitive Age by NUCLEAR REVENGE

Praise the Plague – The Obsidian Gate

We recently debuted a video for these German atmospheric conjurors, and you should definitely check that out. And if you like the band’s combination of flowing, powerful instrumentation and searing vocals, then you should get excited for this album. It’s a nightmare of blackened doom you won’t want to wake up from.

Stream: Apple Music

The Obsidian Gate by Praise The Plague

Shrieking Demons – Diabolical Regurgitations

You’ll feel dirty after listening to the primitive, boot-stomping death metal here, but you’ll feel good about it. Shrieking Demons take their devotion to bands like Autopsy and other ancient death metal legends and give it a firm grounding in classic, doomy heavy metal. This rocks as it stomps.

Diabolical Regurgitations by SHRIEKING DEMONS

Tombstoner – Victims of Vile Torture

Redefining Darkness Records always has our best interests at heart, and you can tell by their output of releases like this. Tombstoner rightly markets themselves as a blends of slam, death, thrash, grind and hardcore, as you can catch notes of all of these styles in this crushing album. Wise bands know the key to forming their own sound is to throw as many things into the pot and be spontaneous about what comes out. This band does that all with an ear for memorability and hooks that help the riffs stay in your head. It’s cool, they’re fine there.

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Victims of Vile Torture by TOMBSTONER

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Undeath To Release New Song, “Diemented Dissection,” via the Decibel Flexi Series

New York new jacks Undeath have been on a bloody rampage as of late, ripping and tearing their way up the ranks of the death metal underground. Their Prosthetic Records debut, Lesions of a Different Kind, is a gore-obsessed mission statement that certainly turned heads and broke necks, and in turn a follow-up is recorded and lurking beneath the surface, waiting to be unleashed sometime significantly after they hit the road with the Black Dahlia Murder in September. Until then, the Decibel Flexi Series is proud to welcome an exclusively exclusive track to its long-running curated series. Entitled “Diemented Dissection,” this slice of new music certainly backs up their promise provided in Decibel’s July issue that their new work showcases, “better riffs, better arrangements, better lyrics about fucking dying.”

Looking to get your grubby mitts on this vital slab of wax? As always, the only way to guarantee your copy is to sign up for a deluxe Decibel subscription by Monday, August 2 at noon ET. (Un)death is eternal, but this offer sure as hell isn’t.

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ELECTRIC MARY Pay Homage To Rock With New Single

Melbourne rock outfit Electric Mary are the ultimate party band.

Their blues infused brand of hard rock has seen them warmly embraced through most of Europe – sadly more so than in their home country – but new track The King Of Rock ‘N’ Roll should finally show Australian music lovers just how good this band is.

An engaging live band with a penchant for upstaging any line-up they are asked to play on, Electric Mary have undergone several band incarnations, each varying slightly musically but all maintaining the rock fire that refuses to be extinguished.

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Being a concert booker and promotor is wrought with danger in the modern age, with many electing to hold off until things are a little more certain.

Not so with the team at Hysteria who have already announced Halloween Hysteria, set to rock Brisbane’s Mansfield Tavern on October 23.

With a stellar line up including headliners Mammal, King Parrot and Spiderbait, plus a host of this countries finest talent, Halloween Hysteria will be the first major, large scale festival to go ahead in Australia since the events of the last 18 months have taken their stranglehold on the music industry at large.

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DARK ESCAPES Open Australian Indie Label & Publishing Company

The advent of technology has seen much of the music industry taken from the hands of the few and placed back in the hands of the many, with everything from recording to distribution being able to be done from the comfort of your own home or studio.

While the do-it-yourself movement has its obvious advantages and drawcards, certain parts of the musical wheel still need to be handled by the professionals, and as hard as we try to cover all bases ourselves the harsh reality is that most of us will need help at some stage of the process.

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RUFF MAJIK With Animated Video

South African powerhouse rock cult Ruff Majik have released the animated video for their track Heart Like
an Alligator

The track will be the last single taken from their critically acclaimed 2020 full length album The Devil’s Cattle before the band start releasing new material towards the end of the year.

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Melbourne progressive instrumental trio The Omnific – featuring the unique line-up of two bass players and a drummer – have released their new single, Scurryfunge, taken from their forthcoming debut record Escapades.

The Australian trio’s debut LP Escapades will now be released October 8 via Wild Thing Records, following ongoing Covid-19 related complications. 


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EMECIA Drop New Tune

Emecia, Adelaide’s post-hardcore quartet, are back to give the world Afterlives, their new single and video.

The new track is available now at The song, about taking opportunities and second chances, rolls out into the world today, Friday July 30th.

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