Video Premiere: Fleshdriver – “Insidious Epoch” / “Sycophant’s Curse”

Tallahassee-based sonic sadists Fleshdriver play death metal the way Pantera played thrash, that is heavy as hell and positively hostile with violent grooves. We first heard about this Floridian duo-now-trio when Cleveland kingpin Redefining Darkness reissued their demo earlier this year. Originally released on KOTP Recordings, Fleshdriver’s demo, Leech, offered four leather-masked tracks of downtuned, southern-fried, nosebleed-inducing heaviness. Apparently they were only getting started.
Today we present to our readers two new Fleshdriver tracks. According Tyler Denslow, the band’s guitarist, “The songs and video touch on what is currently happening around the world. The violence, exploitation and corruption. They represent where we are headed if we don’t fight for change. Everyone sees what is taking place across the planet, but we feel like it is still necessary to talk about. These two new tracks are the first to feature our new vocalist Ian Campbell and show everyone a taste of the direction we’re going in. When Quinn and I wrote the Leech tape I was listening to a lot of old school death metal and Maggot Stomp bands; so, naturally it had that raw caveman vibe going on. Recently I can’t get enough of some relatively newer bands like Plague Years so these songs tend to be a little more riffy and melodic. Some people are over that shit, I try not to think about it too much. I just crack open the Jack, smoke a few bowls and let the music ride. We hope you enjoy.”

“Insidious Epoch” b/w “Sycophant’s Curse”

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