Video Premiere: Infera Bruo – ‘The Breath of Chaos’

Infera Bruo returned to Prosthetic Records earlier this month to issue Rites of the Nameless, their fourth LP and second for the label. Loaded with the progressive songwriting and cold (but not lo-fi) production the band established on previous releases, Rites of the Nameless is a step forward from 2018’s Cerement.

If you missed the album, it’s available to stream on Bandcamp here but watch this first: Decibel is premiering the official video for “The Breath of Chaos,” the first track on Rites of the Nameless. Leaning into the darkness of the genre, the video shows a man deep in the woods conducting a (presumably Satanic) ritual as he smears blood upon himself and descends into madness.

The video for “The Breath of Chaos” matches the tone of the song, which doesn’t let up in its torrent of blast beats and shrieks until its conclusion.

“‘The Breath Of Chaos’ is about invoking a nameless power through certain rites and rituals,” guitarist and vocalist Galen Baudhuin explains to Decibel. “Bringing forth turmoil at the cost of one’s own well-being. A metaphor for drastic change. Brian Sheehan (LGRDMN) did a beautiful job interpreting the lyrical content and putting it to the screen.”

“The Initiate, burdened with one final rite of passage, sets out deep into the wilderness to lift the veil,” Sheehan adds.

Watch the video below. Rites of the Nameless is out now.


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