Blast Worship: Daggra Video Premiere!

Two of the most brilliant and creative bands in the current grindcore scene, Daggra from Texas and Japan’s own Retortion Terror (featuring the legendary Takafumi Matsubaru on axe) are teaming up for a split release for Wise Grind Records in November.

We here at Blast Worship have received an advanced copy of the album and it is everything you would expect from these two bands: angular, blistering, disharmonic, beautiful and, of course, unique.

Along with five new tracks from each band the album is accompanied by music videos, one of which we are premiering right here, in this very article! The video for Daggra’s “Diminishing Returns” features a combination of tour footage, live shots and in studio recording to give fans a sneak peek behind the scenes of the album.

And preorder the split album here!

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