Video Premiere: Nader Sadek – “The Serapeum (Polluted Waters)”

“Everytime I think about this project, I literally have to pinch myself,” Nader Sadek says.  “Layers and layers of seeming impossibilities and events only dared conjured by dreams, have manifested themselves into physical reality.”

The Egyptian-American visual artist/death metal frontman is talking about his new EP The Serapeum, out November 20. As the video streaming below reveals, “In 2017, invited Karl Sanders, Derek Roddy, and Mahmud Gecekusu to Egypt, to collaborate with Nader Sadek.”

Nader Sadek released his first album in 2011, the revelatory In the Flesh. Now The Serapeum continues Nader Sadek’s auspicious tradition of bringing in elite death metal players from around the world to help the artist realize his vision.

According to Nader, “Bringing Karl and Derek to Egypt for this project; not to mention Dominic, Shaun, Ben, Morean, Mendel, having been brought here via the live shows in Egypt I organized, and of course uniting with my brothers and sister Mahmud, Ahdy, Alex and Nancy; is a miracle in itself.” To record his vocals for the songs, Nader elaborates, he went even further. “I also managed to sneak audio equipment into the pyramid of Snefru, one of the greatest and first pyramids, and recorded my vocals for  an entire song for the very first time there, due to its intentional sound frequency-manipulating properties. Drawing inspiration from The Serapeum, whose realization is a far greater mystery than the building of the pyramids, was a testament to the fact that nothing is impossible. Things had a very strange way of aligning themselves.” He continues: “I’m honored and thankful for Decibel premiering this very special documentation of Derek, Karl and Mahmud in the process of writing the song, as well as my recording process at the red pyramid of Snefru in Dahshur.”

“The Serapeum (Polluted Waters)”

Says Karl Sanders (whose telling smile shines throughout the above video), “I’m really happy to see the release of The Serapeum. Nader is an incredible unique visionary multimedia artist and I’m honored and thankful to have had the chance to participate in a project with him. I had such a blast working with Nader, Derek, and Mahmud—making music with these killer guys was so easy and fun it was like being on vacation. This project was especially memorable for me, as it was my first ever trip to Egypt. It’s something I had been yearning to do for a lifetime—to experience firsthand the Epic Grandeur of The Ancients.”


Derek Roddy adds, “Travel to Egypt, see some killer sights, eat some great food, and write awesome music with Karl, Mahmud and Nader ? Sign me up! Great fun and a stellar time. Thanks Nader!”

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