Track Premiere: Ett Dödens Maskineri – ‘Låsta dörrar’

As conservative voices in power around the world get louder, so too does the opposition’s. Joining that roar of voices is Sweden’s Ett Dödens Maskineri, a Swedish hardcore punk band whose new album, Det Svenska Hatet (“The Swedish Hate”), will be released later year as a response to far-right beliefs in their home country.

Although the lyrics are in Swedish, the band’s passion for the subject can be heard in singer/guitarist Daniel Garpebring’s emotive delivery. Musically, Ett Dödens Maskineri recall Sweden’s rich history of crust and punk; equal parts Disfear, Skitsystem, Asta Kas and even Modern Life is War can be heard on songs like “Låsta Dörrar,” streaming via Decibel.

Most impressively, Ett Dödens Maskineri sound like they would be at home in an arena or in a grimy, beer-covered basement. Their music is  anthemic without sacrificing aggression, which helps Ett Dödens Maskineri stand out from other crust and punk artists.

“‘Låsta Dörrar’ is a testimony about the closed hearts of today and about how Sweden’s society thrives on distrust, individualism and a systematic downsizing of everything that builds solidarity,” Garpebring tells Decibel about the song. “Where exclusion and socio-economic division fuels a cold and inflexible society.”

Listen to “Låsta Dörrar” below. Det Svenska Hatet is out November 30 on Suicide Records.

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